Would Vandersteen 5a's be a good match for Krell?

Krell 350 mcx's.
also kct preamp
The Krell Army may not like it but please consider this. Vandy owners often choose tube electronics to bring out the best tonality of their speakers. In my experience, Krell electronics are at the opposite end of the sonic spectrum from tube gear. Therefore, even if you want to stay with SS electronics, I believe many other options could provide a better match.

A second point, Krell amps are best known for their bass control. Since the Vandy 5as have their own woofer amps, the Krell would be bypassed in the bass range. Therefore, you would not be hearing the Krell for what they do best.

But as with every question on audio, it will depend on what you like best. At this price point, your personal audition should be mandatory.
Any top notch amp like the Krell would be a good match. I would go for a tube amp myself since the 5As have their own powered subs.

- The Krell Army (yeah we're gonna invade any day now)
- Krell electronics are at the opposite end of the sonic spectrum from tube gear - except they also make music sound great
- Krell is best known for its bass control - and mids and treble, soundstage, dynamics, timbre rendering, etc.

Look, come over to my place and listen to my Krell system. I also have tube gear and Krell is not at the opposite end of any spectrum.

Recalibration is in order here and a new perspective is needed. This anti-Krell sentiment dog no longer hunts simply because this larger-than-life-target-also-based-on-fear-of-terrorists is too easy to aim and fire at.

How many pieces of Krell gear have you/do you owned/own?

Back on thread, my friend has Parasound JC-1s and they sound fabulous with his 5As.
I am useing Martin Logan Odassey's and they just seem to be missing somethin. I heard the Vandersteen 5a's with Audio Research and it was a fabulous sound. I am not able to afford amp-preamp change.
Right on cue, Stevecham marches in to defend Krell.

My comments were not intended to be "anti-Krell" and I don't feel
they read that way. My impressions of the Krell sound over the years are that
they offer a clean and dynamic sound with very good woofer control and
drive. But for my taste, they can be a little sterile and miss some of the tone
and body (dimensionality) of real instruments, something most good tube
components can do. YMMV. I have not heard any of the current Krell
products but I have heard many systems driven by Krell over the years at
friend's homes, at dealers, and at audio shows. The only Krell equipment I've
owned was a KSA-150 and KSP-7B, admittedly many years ago.

I stated "In my experience" and what more could any of us do in
attempting to be helpful to Radrog? None of us has all the answers but
becoming defensive when someone feels a favorite brand is commented on
in less than glowing raves is not really helpful. Steve likes Krell and believes
it works great in his system. Great. I was simply trying to offer Radrog my
perspective based upon decades in this hobby.

BTW, I too own JC-1 amps and believe they could be a wonderful match with
Vandersteens. But then the Parasounds offer more liquidity and less
brightness or glare to my ears than any Krells I've heard (again, my

Good luck Radrog but again, at this price point, I believe you will need to do
your own audition.
Thank You for the feedback to my thread. In my opinion it is the best speaker on the planet after all my research. I look forward to buying a set even before auditioning with my associated equipment. I just feel the speaker is superior over other brands even costing three times as much.
I agree with stevecham We have installed Vandersteen wood Quatros and Five series with many solid state amps as well as with a Krell 350 amp and pre and the sound was superb. Many folks will overreact their bias preference predicting mundane results they never really herd. Unless you tested them tuned em in the field its well intended armchair speculation by spectators..
cheers John
Well I audioned them with what they had there Audio Research. It didn't beat my system by no means. Krell and Martin Logan a really good match. I'll keep what I have.
I have Vandersteen 5A's (gorgeous Kowazinga finish) and are using Ayre electronics with them for a fabulous sound. I saw that you have Krell already, and I don't blame you for not wanting to replace them. Krells have always been a high end product, and I am absolutely sure they would work well with the 5A's. If you had the luxury of listening to some tube, some s/s, of the top 5 or 6 manufacturers, you would hear differences that would would only be "slight". Get the 5A's, set them up properly, and be happy.
I think the speakers deserve one more audition with music I know very well. When I audition the first time I knew none of the music played. The dealer is very easy to work with and a great guy. I have high expectations of the Vandersteens 5a's.
Though I am a very happy Thiel CS6 owner, my best audiophile friend has the 5as and I have spent many evenings luxuriating in the sonic bliss of these also-time- and-phase-coherent speakers. They certainly would be my other first choice.
I have decided to upgrade my front end first. I have chosen Aesthetix IO Signature for my pre-phono. Hell maybe with that much of an upgrade I may not need to upgrade the speakers. I'll keep you informed. THIS IS FOR ALL WHO READ THIS THREAD. THERE ARE DEALERS OUT THERE WILLING TO GIVE A DISCOUNT. SO IF YOU PAY FULL PRICE FOR ANYTHING FIND A NEW DEALER !!!!!!
Good news everyone. If you are looking to buy these speakers new. Go to Acoustic Sounds web site.
With all due respect, what am I missing here. I just came
from the AS website. Is the great news that they sell 5A's.
Just a personal reason that I have.