Would this be much of an upgrade.

I'm currently considering a Parasound A51 to replace my B&K 7250 II 5 channel amp. My question is would this be much of an upgrade, or would you recommend something else.
Utilize my system for both HT and music on a 50/50 basis.
The rest of my current system:
PSB Synchrony One Speakers
Integra DTC 9.8
Ayre K5EX mp
Music Hall CD 25.2
Cambridge DAC Magic
Thanks for your help.
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Sorry, the sub is an Outlaw LFM-1EX. Thanks for your thoughts.
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Bob you are correct about the digital. Very satisfied with that, but wanting to upgrade the 2 channel end. Unfortunately, no space available for another amp, so can't go with a 2 channel amp addition. I'd like to upgrade my amp, but it has to be 5 channel.
Cables are all Nordst Red Dawn, but single ended Processor and pre amp to the B&K power amp as it doesn't support balanced inputs. DAC to preamp are balanced and speaker cables are Nordost Red Dawn as well.
Any and all recommendations on a power amp would be appreciated as would any other recommendations or suggestions anyone might have.
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Yes the Parasound A51 would be a move up over the B&K.