Would this be much of an upgrade.

I'm currently considering a Parasound A51 to replace my B&K 7250 II 5 channel amp. My question is would this be much of an upgrade, or would you recommend something else.
Utilize my system for both HT and music on a 50/50 basis.
The rest of my current system:
PSB Synchrony One Speakers
Integra DTC 9.8
Ayre K5EX mp
Music Hall CD 25.2
Cambridge DAC Magic
Thanks for your help.
I've not heard either, but I'd guess more of a lateral move than anything.

Where's the sub in your list of components?
Sorry, the sub is an Outlaw LFM-1EX. Thanks for your thoughts.
I think I understand your thinking about wanting to upgrade your amp. Your speakers and preamp are top notch. The Integra is great for HT (I use one for both music and HT with no complaints). The digital sources should be quite adequate. So that leaves the power amp.

Are you running balanced cables? Seems like you could/should with the gear you have.

If you have the rack space, just switching the front left and right to a Parasound A21 might be worth considering to improve 2-channel reproduction.
Bob you are correct about the digital. Very satisfied with that, but wanting to upgrade the 2 channel end. Unfortunately, no space available for another amp, so can't go with a 2 channel amp addition. I'd like to upgrade my amp, but it has to be 5 channel.
Cables are all Nordst Red Dawn, but single ended Processor and pre amp to the B&K power amp as it doesn't support balanced inputs. DAC to preamp are balanced and speaker cables are Nordost Red Dawn as well.
Any and all recommendations on a power amp would be appreciated as would any other recommendations or suggestions anyone might have.
I thought B&K amps had balanced connections; maybe only the 2-channel amps I remember. Curl seems to have created a classic in the JC-1 monoblock, so I imagine the A51 is well worth its price. It would let you run balanced cables and that might yield a sonic improvement. Two other options come to mind:
Theta Dreadnaught. Charles Hansen was involved in the design of the original so it would be fitting to mate with your preamp.

ATI AT2005. No pedigree like the Parasound or Theta, but balanced. I'm a fan of ATI. BTW, they now own Theta.
Yes the Parasound A51 would be a move up over the B&K.