Would this be an upgrade?

I currently have a pair of Monster 2.4 bi-wire. I'm thinking about getting a pair of Cardas quadlink 5c bi-wire. What would i gain or lose by going with the Cardas? My speakers are Tyler monitors. My amps are Rogue Metis pre and Dyna ST-70. Thanks for your input.
Personally I would be more intent on upgrading an interconnect than ,what looks to me like a sideways speaker cable move..In my world I have found that speaker cables have less impact than an Interconnect or Power cord..I have had better luck with upgrading Equipment footers than speaker cables..I just don't think what your proposing to do will reap much positive impact..Thats just what my gut tells me...
I vote for Cardas
I also agree that the Cardas would be a step up from the Monster.

I used the Quadlink speaker cable for a few years and always enjoyed the sound it gave me.
I am currently using Cardas Neutral Reference in my system and have compared the two as I have some Monster cables laying around, and there was a noticable difference in clarity and detail with the Cardas ic's, mostly the clarity.
Other than the words "Moster Cable" on the sleeve, the 2.4's are actually a pretty good pair of speaker cables and should be fine with your Tylers. I would take the money you were going to spend on speaker cables and apply it to better interconnects. Cardas Quadlink is ( at best) a sidewise move - the 2.4 Monsters are closer to the Neutral Reference in performance, in my opinion.
Thanks for all the replies so far. The reason i asked is I thought this might be a sideways move also. I may have been caught up in the name game.
Well I took some of your advice and tried some different IC's. I have decided on JPS labs superconductor Q's. They seem to have opened up the soundstage and give me more detail. At the same time the bass is still good and the highs are not harsh at all. Now I'm wondering if I should upgrade my power cords. I was thinking some used PS Audio statement's are in my price range. Suggestions are welcome.