Would this be a big hit to the quality?

Hey guys, first post here. I am kind of in a bind, I want good sound, but I am also a poor college student. I have my computer in room A and speaker system in room B. I want my computer music to these speakers in the best quality possible. I can rip my cds in lossless, that is no problem. My computer has an optical audio output, but I have read lots about the electical mess in a computer and the effects of audio quality. I can run a cable around the corner to connect my computer to the receiver, but how would that sound?

I have heard great things about squeezebox, but that is 300 dollars I dont know if I can spend right now. Also, I have read a lot about USB DAC's. Would these DAC's be a lot better than a $350 yamaha reciever? (I work at Best Buy so I get a nice discount on receivers and Klipsch speakers) Most the DAC's I see cost a ton more, so I would expect more, but is the different really all that much.

To sum all questions, I have about $600 to get audio from computer to my speaker and I need a receiver or intergrated amp to power the speakers in the budget. Speakers are the klipsch F3 loudspeakers and the C2 center channel for the movies. Thanks a ton for the help guys.
Computers are electrically messy, but that only matters if you're trying to get analog output. You're doing digital output, which the DAC in your receiver should reclock, no problem. Given your budget, an optical cable from computer to receiver is the way to go.

Alternatively, you could just play your CDs in your DVD player. You'd be using the same DAC, so the sound should be comparable.
Have you considered the LinkSys Wireless Music Bridge? You could probably snag it for $70 with your BestBuy discount and then all you need is a decent receiver to power the speakers. Think about it...