Would This Amp Be Worth The Cost?

Opinions please.
Amp for Sonus Faber Olympica III speakers.

Looking at this amp  Musical Fidelity M8s-500S Power Amplifier
Info https://www.musicalfidelity.com/products/m8series/m8-500s

Replace my Classe Sigma Amp2.



10 Hz – 20 kHz, -1dB into 4 Ohms


200W rms into 8 Ohms, 400W rms into 4 Ohms


<0.018% @ 1 kHz Balanced Input


>80 dB below Fundamental into 8 Ohms Balanced


-100 dB at Peak Output into 8 Ohms (AES17)

Would there be improvement? Worth the cost? 

you took the bait...

...be happy, enjoy the music, and ignore the tr---...
Yeah I know better than to engage. But sometimes............
Geez, my wife (and she isn’t “into it”) can hear the differences between amps... trust me, I’ve had a few now. 
To the OP, I agree with what you were told by the sales guy. Current can make a significant difference, possibly very profound. A class D amp is going to sound very different from a class A amp, even A/B, different circuits. Just is what it is. Then you get into SET, FET, MOSFET, bipolar circuits within all of that. They all have sonic signatures. I also agree that a tube preamp into an SS amp can make huge differences. “Better” is in the ears of the beholder... I just put a Rogue Audio RP5 into my system with a Pass Labs XA25, so far the combo is great. The Rogue replace an XP12 SS pre. The tubes just sound a bit smoother, more “natural” to my ears. No listening fatigue at all. Anyway, this game is about experimenting and finding the best combo you can afford... it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes.
Thanks to all.
For now I'm going to wait.

You post your blind listening test result that show that anything other than source material, speakers and room make any audible difference.  I’ll keep posting examples of where people who were utterly convinced they could tell differences in amps, cables, racks, etc find out that they just can't.
That's funny, I bought a krell amp to replace my adcom amp, I couldn't stand the sound of the krell with my adcom preamp it was so bright, but sounded good with the adcom amp. I replaced the adcom preamp and it sounds great now