Would the Revel F12 have any problems with...

being driven by an Anthem Amp-1 Power Amp?
I am considering replacing my Monitor Audio Silver S6 with the F12s. A local dealer has a few on sale for $995 Canadian per pair (maple only).

Also if anyone has listened to both of the above speakers I would appreciate any feedback.

The Revel F12's are a definate overacheiving speaker. At $995 Canadian, I would think that rates it as a "steal". You are in a perfect position to audition them in your own listening room if your dealer lets you, and compare for yourself. (He should, in my own opinion). Keep in mind that the Revel's are brand new, cold sober, right out of the box, and as such, are not yet broken in, which takes some time, of course.
Get whatever sounds good to your ears. I personally love revel speakers. There are plenty of excellent reviews for the f12. The f12 is freaken bargain for what they can do. When i heard the f12, i kind of prefered the smaller m12's. Mate those with a good subwoofer and your good to go. I'm pretty it was the accoustical properties of the room but i didnt like the bass coming from the f12, it sounded a little bloated and weak and wasn't really tight sounding. If the f12 had a little more room to breathe, im sure it would sound a lot better.
Thanks for the replies. I just listned to them at the store, and liked them enough to go ahead and purchase them. Even though they are not burned in yet, listening to them at home this evening, I definitely like them better then the Monitor Audio. The sound is just way less fatiguing.

The problem now is the dealer pursuaded me to take home an Audio Research SP16 preamp to try out. I told him I could not afford to buy it even if I did like it better then my current Musical Fidelity A3.2CR. Oh boy, big mistake. The SP16 is so much more musical. I've listened to a couple of my fav CDs and I've never enjoyed them more. I listened to the SP16 through both my Monitor Audio and the Revel speakers. I really did not expect this at all. As good as the MF is, the SP16 is well just better over all. Even my wife commented on the sound and she was sitting in another room. Unfortunately, I was not able to convince her yet to let me keep it. I don't know how I am going to be able to listen to music without it, knowing what I am missing.