Would the Audio Aero Capitole better Theta

Pro Gen Va and Theta Data basic 2 or should I consider upgrading the Theta

Thanks all
It would thrash it.Theta is like being in A ball Vs the Majors compared to Audio Aero.
The Capitole is the best CD player I have ever heard.
Had a Jade transport to a Gen Va DAC. They were not even in the same league as the Capitole.
Have either of you heard the upgraded Theta?
I'm with Natalie and Mes, the Audio Aero Capitole was THE CD PLAYER at the C.E.S/The EXPO in Las Vegas! The "little engine that could". Not very well known yet, but should be some reviews out shortly. I predict that in 6 monthds to a year, this will be a reviewer favorite, and one of the best know players on the market. A giant killer...THE CAPITOLE IS THAT GOOD. Happy Tunes!
I don't think the Aero is a giant killer when it cost $6000. It is a giant (and a good one).
Believe it. Yep! The Capitole (24/192 version) is the single best all-in-one CD player I've had the pleasure to own -- and I've heard, and/or auditoned my share.

At the very LEAST, hear one before you buy ANYTHING (or upgrade).

I own the capitole, and have'nt heard anything better for the money... and if you ask these salespeople of these devices, you might find that you won't have to pay $6000 for one... I did'nt...
Cousindupree- Yes, I've heard them, albeit in somewhat disimilar setups. I prefer the Aero. Everything is relative, one mans giant is anothers dwarf. At 6K, the Aero isn't cheap, however vis-a-vie the 2 box units comprising top of the line Accuphase and Burmester digital playback systems, which IMO it is competitive with, one could fathom it a giant killer given their price points of what, around 30K?
has anyone compared it to the Cary 306/200?
Mes-Very welly put, me and a friend are in the process of comparing his Audio Aero Capitole and my Accuphase Digital pre and it is amazing how good they both are(which is scary because the msrp. on my Accuphase is 4 fold the price of the capitole, YIKES!). One would think that with a price difference of that much there would be more noticeable improvements, only thing that I have heard betters the accuphase is the Boulder gear and Burmester, which both are also more $$$, such is life in this hobby. So I guess what I am saying is yea I agree that the capitole is a giant killer.

BTW The dealer my buddy bought his from told him it sounds better with the top open, is this common knowledge with these players? and if so why does the top being open effect the sound?

The Capitole may be all of this and more, but they're apparently harder to find than Jimmy Hoffa.

Say, has anyone seen one for sale lately? Has anyone that doesn't already own one seen one at all, anywhere?

Come on, somebody, cough one up.

I think that is another good point to make Waltersalas if a product is NEVER available used, and when they are they sell very quickly and for a good price(for the seller) it says a lot for an audio product. The new interconnects I want I have never seen for sale used, so I will have to buy them new and I HATE(I am using the word hate here folks) paying retail for anything, but they are worth it. Falls into the same catagory as the Capitole. Funny thing is a year ago this time nobody had heard of the capitole and the Resolution Audio CD-55 was all the rave in the digital world. Like all things audio this time next year the next latest and greatest product will be our subject of discourse, and the capitole will be yesterdays news.
A system that sounds "right" with the Theta, will not sound "right" with the Audio Aero, and vice versa. The Audio Aero is way more natural and the Theta sounds hyped up. I sold my Theta and Meridian gear for Audio Aero and Res Audio CD-55 respectively and am extremely glad of it. The Capitole and CD-55 are CD players that you can very easily build a balanced sounding system around.
I have not heard the Capitole, but the two best I've heard lately is the Mark Levison 390s, and the new 24/192 Camelot Uther Mark 4 (DAC only w/ volume control). Both were driving straight into the amps, which I have never been too crazy about. Can't beleive these DACs and player sounded this good without a nice tube pre. In fact they sounded better direct, can't beleive I said that, but it's all in the hearing!
Thetas are way over rated for what they cost. This company made a name for itself way back when there wasn't much competition in ultra high end digital. Now I would buy an MSB before I'd buy a Theta....in fact....that's exactly what I did!
I may eat my words, but in time you will find pleanty of the Aero Capitole players used. For the fast, detailed group or those with a laid back speaker, the aero may not be your first choice. IMO, it is not the end all of CDPs. System matching will still come in to play. Long live the Aero. But I guarentee, it will not be everybody's first choice. Just my opinion. Please don't beat me up. I'm keeping my EMC-1. In my system, EMC-1 0r Goldmund are my favorites. This is by no means a criticism of the Aero. For my money, if I had any, Accuphase and Goldmund reign king.
The Cary is not in even clsoe.Plain and simple a huge step down from the Audio Aero.
Sim Moon ECLIPSE EMC-1 are vastly superior to the Cary.
natalie, you should be a professional reviewer since you know what's best for all of us. your trademark "component A blows away component B" posts are always informative.
Hi Brulee. I tend to agree - the Audio Aero will not fit into all systems, maybe only half, and even less when price is taken into account (fortunately mine cost less than half the US price - and please, don't ask me how, for I will not tell).
I agree w/S2k dude. That natalie, he sure knows his stuff!
Aw c'mon...leave Natalie alone. Preferences in blowjobs is a synergism specific to each according to his/her preferences, no?