Would SR Galileo UEF Analog Power Cords sound noticeably worse on CD Player than Digital?

This may seem like an elementary question, but what has been your experience?
While the SR Galileo digital cables are tuned for that application you will be fine using the analog equivalent. The main difference is that the digital cables are tuned to balance the speed and immediacy needed for digital with extra warmth. In my experience however the difference between the analog and digital flavors of any cable is less than the difference between say the silver and grey tuning bullets. Especially if your CD player leans towards the warmer side you will be fine with the analog cables. They also have good resale value so assuming you buy used you should be able to shift them if they don’t work out, and if you’re using a dealer he/she should offer a loan to test them
Buy a Pangea ($99) from AA. Will work and sound the same as the "high-priced spread"! 

Did you just say that SR products have a good resale value? Perhaps you might want to check this out on the Gon.
I have exactly done roberjerman's suggestion. I did compare a Pangea power cord to a Synergistic Research power cord on both the Oppo 203 DVD player and a Marantz SA11-S2 player. The SR power cord sounded significantly better and stayed in the system.

The Pangea is a fine entry level cord but the Synergistic Research cord will give a more satisfying and involving sound.
David Pritchard

@jsautter, what I actually said was that if you buy used then they are easy to resell as there is a well established and fast moving market. You should pay 35-40% of the original list price for a one generation older model like UEF, 30% or less for prior generations. Typical discounts for brand new SR cables are 20-30% off so you’ll take a 30% loss if you buy and sell new. Overall for cable that counts as a well developed and deep market and i have bought and sold dozens of Galileo or CTS level cables very easily. Of course the real downside of SR is the every two year upgrade cycle ... which does however mean you can always get NOS last gen stock at 50% off every time a new flavor comes along 😉

I am not surprised. You at least can speak to this issue as you have heard both cables.