Would spikes help me?

I have Tyler PD80's with sub amps built in. They are 65 inches tall and weigh in at around 230 ponds each. Right now they are on carpet over a wood floor. There are no feet on the speakers whatsoever, so the base (18X14inches) sits flat on the carpet. I really think they should be sitting on something. There are threaded holes on the bases they look to be 5/16. What could I expect if I were to add spikes? If I did add spikes, which spikes would you recommend?

Didn't Tyler supply spikes? The spikes for my speakers were in the base at the bottom which is removable, but then these are not the PD series. Give Ty a call. FWIW spikes thru carpet to the floor will give you at least a more secure foundation for the speaker if you use 4 spikes. Three spikes can make a tall speaker a bit tipsy. Whether you will hear a difference depends........
Ty doesn't supply spikes for the PD80s. He didn't want to add more height to the horn. Maybe I'll add spikes to my couch to make up for it.

One thing's for sure, they'd be nasty to move around with spikes on.
Audio Points.

What you should hear is potentially little or no difference for the first 8 days or so.

But what you will hear after this settling in period is extended highs with a more natural extended decay and increased speed and dynamics. You should also hear a deeper more defined and controlled bass. Moreover, you should hear a deeper and wider soundstage with better imaging and transparency.

Newbee has a point about the 4 points for safety, but 4 points are also a great potential for compromising sonic improvements of using products like Audio Points.

3 points make a plane and provide the best method for coupling the speaking to the subflooring system.

4 points create uneven rocking scenario and greater difficulty for properly coupling to the floor.

Thanks very much guys, I think I'll go for it!
At 230#, spikes will add little to the sonic picture imo. I doubt Ty is selling hernia insurance. Lift with your legs!
You got that right Tripper, not only are they heavy they're kind of awkward.
Raising the height of the tweeterrelative to your ear will brighten the high frequencies.
I was wondering the same thing. My mirage M5's sit flat onthe floor. Been feeling maybe I should have something under them. Do these types of products help amps, cd transports etc.? Thanks.
Zar, in short, yes. The biggest sonic improvement for components would be minimizing vibration to and from your transport,(actually turntable if you're into analog) Many here use vibration dampners under their amps as well, but I think you'd need pretty good ears to hear a noticable difference. I questioned spikes for my speakers simply because of their massive size and weight.
nuguy, thanks. My Mirages are very big and heavy as well.