Would spectral 360s2 match well with Aerial 20ts

Just bought a pair of spectral 360 series 2 amps. All spectral system. I'm considering the aerial 20ts speakers. The Avalon really didn't do it for me I'm looking for a little more weight in the bottom end. I heard the aerial 20 Tswith krell and just wonder if anyone has heard the Spectral gear with the Aerial
I would think your system could power any speaker system. I assume you are talking about your Radian HC,s?
I agree with you totally on the lack of bass with the Radian HC,s. I use two 15" subs with my Radian.s to help with the bass.
The problem with the Radian,s is the same with any sealed speaker, the bass just does not have the punch that a ported speaker has, IMO.
When I purchased my Radian,s from a friend he up graded to the Edillon Diamond speakers, which are ported. The bass was very good.
I'm not sure Avalon makes a sealed speaker anymore.
Not sure what your budget is, but I really liked the Focal Utopia's when I heard them in Denver at Audio Unlimited. Since John Barns passing I do not think they are in business anymore.
You have a great front end and great amps, any ported speaker you get will work well with your equipment.
If I was not up in Alaska I would look at something else than my Radian's. I have them sounding the best I can, but would like a great ported speaker. The bass just seems better to me.
Good luck in your quest.
Joe Nies