Would someone explain what "up sampling" means and how it can affect the sound?

I am looking at buying a DAC and after reading a few articles, there seems to be a question that comes to mind: what is up sampling, and does it affect the sound ? Some audio companies have up sampling in their DAC and some do not.
I just want to make an educated decision about what DAC I purchase that, hopefully, will not be obsolete in a few years.
Thank you for all your comments and answers.


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It’s just a change of the sample rate, any change of the sample rate is a lossy process and is audible especially on accurate setups.

Google the Grammy 5.1 guide, they mentioned it there as well.

I prefer NOS (sample rate unchanged), but modern DAC with 8x upsample sounds pretty damn good so there is no need to pay insane premium for NOS DACs unless you are made of money.