Would silver cables beat UP-OCC copper?

All things considered, which is the better choice for best sound, silver (for example, Siltech) or UP-OCC copper, such as Furutech or Neotech? Thanks.
I am using solid core 100% silver cable for my turntable, cd player, music server USB, Sonos, DAC, speaker biwire, power cord and all XLR between My C2300 to MC601s.
Yes, I belived in silver cable, for less than $2K and will never look back.
They the silver cables might come in handy. When the moon turns full and the wolfs bane is in bloom.
Having use both types in my system I chose solid core silver cables. subjective of course and opinions will vary among listeners. When high quality silver is implemented properly it sounds organic and beautiful. I find It has natural warmth, tonal body/harmonics yet is also very resolved and transparent. I haven't experienced the brightness,edge or glare that some attribute to silver. It is honest with a natural character.All silver cables aren't created equal, some are better executed than others(like any other product).
I use 7N UP-OCC Silver interconnects for both phono and and line level
connections. I found it a significant upgrade over the same copper based

I use a small Canadian boutique manufacture who has an inside personal
connection with the manufacturing company that holds the OCC patent that
supplies cables to the "Big Boys".

Check out the price and then compare the cost to other manufactures that
use the same cable material.

per given unit there will be one that does and one that doesn't.
As stated already all silver and copper interconnects are not created equally.
On top of that it's all dependent upon your equipment and your listening preferences. Until you hear it for yourself in your own system you will never really know which one you prefer.
I agree with LAK. There is no definitive answer to your question. System dependent and also dependent on the preferences of the listener
All things considered, the final, conclusive answer to your question of would silver cables beat UP-OCC copper?

It depends....on system synergy, personal taste, cable design, etc.

Now, let's move forward to final conclusions on the SS vs. tube debate, and wrap up the analog vs. digital debate as well.
Shouldn't be necessary but might.
Charles1dad said it best. Granted, all things are system dependent but having tried both copper and silver, I'm staying with silver.

All the best,
Looking at your system page,I would stay with copper...
If you are inquiring from a scientific point of view, it really comes down to how conductive the material is all other things being equal. Silver is more conductive than copper, but if the AWG of the silver cable is less the copper cable is likely to have less resistance making it a better cable, again all other things being equal.
I have built gear and cables using both and one fact remains.....there is no answer to your question that is the final truth for all. It depends on your gear, musical tastes (type of music), sound preference, system synergy and on and on.....

I have found that if you're going to use silver, then go for solid core and go for as heavy of a guage as you can afford/find. The right silver, solid core, and thicker than 24 gauge can sound very good indeed.

Silver does sound different and has proven to be more resolving in each and every case I have used it. Great solid core copper is warmer sounding and more rounded if you will. This is also something I have witnessed time and time again. A mixture of the two throughout my system has yielded the best results. This has taken me several years and lots of experimenting however. The only way to learn for yourself is to try some. No other way I am afraid to say.

If you listen to mellow jazz and calm voice that is well recorded, then silver may be just the ticket. It may, but there are many other variables which folks have already stated. I have found that the recording quality plays a big role on which wire I prefer. Poor recordings suffer more on silver in my experience. If your musical tastes force you to listen to many mediocre to poor recordings, then copper may be a better choice for you.
If you get yourself some thick copper cables wrapped in a tough jacket, they can take a hell of a beating. Every bit as tough as silver.
You would do better with copper given your horn speakers and SS gear. If you can afford them look for Cardas "golden" somethings,for a nice mellow tone. This will start another argument I am sure. The OCC copper cables are very good as well. There are many many cable makers try to get an idea of what you want from cables. And Zd is right you shouldn't use cables to beat anything.
"Best" is and for the forseeable future will be a word with no universally agreed upon definition, especially in this opinion laden environment. That being said, silver can sound different, but silver can sound different than copper depending on awg size, configuration, solid versus stranded, shield vs. non shield, rca vs.XLR, type of XLR, type of RCA, resonance factors, capacitance, inductance, resistance, not to mention termination skill. To look just at silver vs copper is leaving too many variables off the table. PT
I have experience with both manufactured and self-made high purity silver and OCC copper cables. I agree with Grannyring's thoughts on tone and with Plasmatech's comments on the subjectivity of "best." My favorite speaker and IC cables are made from solid core OCC copper. For power cords, I have had good luck with fine stranded OCC wire, unshielded for amps and shielded for digital source components.
To reduce the variables I compared short segments of 12 awg Neotech OCC copper to dead soft three-nines fine silver from Rio Grande as jumpers in Merlin VSM speakers. No spades, solder, or twist geometries to influence the evaluation.

For me high purity soft annealed silver wins decisively, and the recent decline in commodity pricing eases the pain. Consider experimenting with short segments of copper and silver in series with your speaker cables. At the line level I've had excellent results with DIY ICs made with Parts Connexion's Connex/DH Labs BL-Ag balanced silver bulk cable.
"For me high purity soft annealed silver wins decisively, and the recent decline in commodity pricing eases the pain. Consider experimenting with short segments of copper and silver in series with your speaker cables. At the line level I've had excellent results with DIY ICs made with Parts Connexion's Connex/DH Labs BL-Ag balanced silver bulk cable.

Dgarretson (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)"

How did you anneal the cables? Also, it seems like it is very popular to cryo cables. What made you do just the opposite?
Several OEMs and DIYers have shared that soft silver is important to avoid the etched or bright quality sometimes attributed to silver. Annealing may be more significant than diminishing returns of 5-7 nines purity.

The better factory sources offer fine silver across a range of hardnesses. "Dead soft" silver implies full annealing. I suppose one could repeat the annealing process for incremental benefits or to restore softness, since silver tends to harden as it is worked. For this reason it is advisable to avoid excessive bending and twisting of silver cables.

Cryo treatment has goals unrelated to softness. No contradiction doing both.
My aim is to not "tame" the system by making it "warmer" sounding. I don't like rolled off highs and a bloated lower midrange. I like transparency and detail with tight and deep bass. I just thought I'd clear the air regarding that notion. So, with that in mind, it sounds like I would prefer the silver, but I can't really say 100 percent.
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So, with that in mind, it sounds like I would prefer the silver, but I can't really say 100 percent.

That is why performing your own listening tests is so critical. No one else can really tell you which flavor you would prefer.
Many will gladly tell you what works best for them, but in this hobby, what works for some, doesn't work for others. You pays your money, you takes your chances.
I sincerely feel you should try Paul's Clear Day Silver cables. I don't know where you live - but you will ONLY loose $8 (at the max) shipping back, if you live in the US. His cables are pure silver and in my system they made a HUGE difference. I am sorry I cannot stop myself using these CAPS and all that, but I am still amazed that cables can have such a huge difference.
At the same time reach out to a dealer in UP-OCC copper cables and ask for demo. Then compare the cables in your system. Keep the cable that you love.
Ok, Jmcgrogan2 and Milpai, thanks for the info and recommendations. Much appreciated. :)
Silver as much as I can through out , if you do decide don't forget to pay attention to chassis sockets , silver pin XLR and or silver RCA ,preferably WBT silver sockets,
You've got to listen with your own system....every cable sounds different in different systems.
Thanks. I would agree with that.
One Thought, Stager Silver Solids Interconnects, superb!
I use Connex brand solid silver IC cables from Parts Connexion with either eichman or Neutrik silver connectors.

Never wanted to change.