Would Shindo Aurieges L pre work with a Forte 4 am

Looking for a tube linestage to go with my Forte 4a amplifier. Would a Shindo Aurieges L work? Listen mostly to jazz and pop music and main source is a Resolution Audio Opus 21 cd player.
What is the input impedance of the Forte, that could be a problem if it is too low, the Aurieges needs and pretty high input impedance on the amp side to work it best, typically tube amps.
I believe the input impedance for the rca inputs is 47kohms.
It might work, but not ideal. I would call the importer, it is a pre you have to be careful with on the impedance matching issue. I suspect thought, that it would work.
I've run my aurieges L with a variety of ss amps -- chip-based, class d and class a -- and all between 55k and 47k ohm input impedance. Never had any perceived problems with roll off, etc. the aurieges does have a high output impedance of 5k ohm, so i prob wouldn't go much lower then 47k input impedance unless you know it will work.