Would self quarantine be a challenge for an Audiophile? Home detention even a punishment?

With all the talk about people having to self quarantine, I started to think about what that would mean for an audiophile, and Would it even be much of a challenge?
Normal human being - “I had to self quarantine for 14 days and I’m ready to strangle somebody.”
Audiophile version - “I cleaned so many damn records I had been meaning to.... adjusted my VTA and azimuth and my system sounds better then ever, and after listening to the entire Miles Davis and Coltrane’s recorded output, I realized I could have left the house 2 days ago.”

And would some white collar criminal on home detention even be considered being punished? I’d be so content stuck at home with great audio system, home theater projection, laser light and planetarium show, pinball machine, infrared sauna, massage chair, I may decide to commit some “victimless” financial crime just to play with the toys I don’t always have time for.

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  • At the end of the day, the buck stops. trump has failed us.
If Bonnie and Clyde had been returned to the White House, we would look like Haiti by the time this is over. The only healthy thing left would be a certain foundation. 

flap, flap, flap, flap. 


Costco has announced that on every Tuesday and Thursday they will open two hours early for those over sixty-five only.

I'm still staying home.

My kids said they will bring me anything I need.   

I'm wondering what our Dear Leaders in Los Angeles and San Francisco will be doing with the homeless population. These downtown areas are Petri dishes of diseases to begin with. 

65,000 of our finest who died in Vietnam would have much preferred Goldwater over the criminal warmonger's Johnson and McNamara.

fleschler ...

Of great concern to me is the growing antisemitism of the radical left in this country, many of whom reside on the Democrat side of the aisle in Congress. Their attitude is akin to the early 1930s in Europe.  I have way too many Jewish friends to not be concerned.

  • "Papa, what makes you think they were finest? You do sound funny sometimes."
I may sound "funny" sometimes, but there isn't anything funny about 65,000 American boys being sacrificed to a political war being run out of the White House. 


It is not too difficult to see why the radical, anticonstitutionalist, Marxian progressives hate the John Birch Society.



  • I predict a slight baby boom, in nine months. Then- early in 2033: the rise of, ’The Quaranteens’.

+1 Funny. We can use a little levity on the "Gon at this point. :-)

I'm spending my house arrest time today organizing the CD collection. At this point, I'm wondering where all of this country & western stuff came from.

All of the local stores, including Costco and Walmart, are out of bottled water. I use it to brew my home-roasted coffee. Rats! What to do, what to do??? 

Costco was a zoo. Shopping carts filled to the brim with nutty stuff. I think one lady was afraid of a run on frozen pizza.

Luckily, the Vodka and wine departments were fully stocked. 

mahgister ...

Thanks for posting that essay from Mises.org. The money system is something that is kept hidden from the citizens. Here's a good one for you from the Constitution Society:


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  • In SF cash is no longer king as businesses refuse cash to avoid spreading Coronavirus.
In San Francisco, no cash, no problem. No credit card, no problem. No debit card, no problem.

Welcome to the Utopia of liberalism ... San Francisco, by the Bay.


Some of the solutions at the federal level are more frightening than the possibility of getting sick. 

The Road to Serfdom marches on.

^^^ God is spelled with a capital "G."

Bernie Sanders may be a Jew, but he is a Statist first and a Jew second.

  • "...three people in the country overdosed on the drug..."

Three people in Nigeria who self-administered. And CNN blames Trump.  Do these people have no shame?

  • "We used to be a can-do society. What the hell happened?"

Dependency increases with the expansion of the welfare state.  

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  • "That's the main problem with the right-wing as it now exists. It's okay to create a slush fund of half a trillion dollars with no strings attached and a six-month veil of secrecy as to who got what and that's fine with them." 

Thanks for that. I'm relieved to know that I'm not "right-wing." 

  • "The biggest expansion has been at the top due to reverse socialism. How nice of you to point it out."
The vast expansion of the welfare state (and by "welfare state," I mean the vast over-reaching umbrella we call "The State,") has affected everyone. From the wealthy fat-cat wearing the tophat with his hand out for privilege and government largess, which is nothing new, to the ordinary citizen, Americans of all stripes, once fiercely independent citizens, have been turned into a dependent class of subjects.

^^^ God is spelled with a capital "G."
  • Maybe in your world buddy, but not mine.
  • It's bad enough with your right wing nuttery so don't even think of proselytizing.
  • All the best,

It is quite obvious "buddy," in your world of worship, God is spelled with a small "g" as in "The god State."

In a previous post, you ridiculed  "fleschler" for saying that Bernie is a self-loathing Jew. Bernie Sanders, like you, is a statist. He believes in statism, the overall encompassing regulatory state. History tells us that over 6,000,000 of his kind were starved, beaten, shot, gassed and burned up in ovens. And yet, Bernie Sanders continues his blathering about his "god the state." If that isn't self-loathing, what the hell is?


  • Love it or leave it.
B.S. Work to change it.
nonoise ...

Are you making the assumption that I disagree with you? If so, please consider what I wrote above about fat cats in top hats with their hands out.

The problem is, we as Americans have become very complacent. We have let the education system go. We have allowed crooked politicians to sell out our businesses and the jobs that go with them to foreign countries. Fact ... the average four-year degreed person cannot answer the simplest question about how our government functions. Ask college grads how many U.S. Senators there’s are, and you’ll get a blank stare. Do the test. I have, many times.

And by the way, I know wealthy people. Many have been clients of mine in the past. I’ve seen their bank and money market statements. Not one of them inherited their money. They earned it through working their butts off, and investing wisely. What is a brilliant neurosurgeon worth to society? How about the pediatric heart surgeon who saves the life of your newborn child? What’s he worth? A gold watch hardly covers it. 

If I get a check from the federal government, I will consider it personal property being returned to me.

nonoise ... 

You've described the Robber Barons in the late 1800s. Who wants that? Not me. 

  • Throw in monopolies and cronyism and Bob's your uncle.

Or put another way, Frank is your brother and Hunter is your son.

Either way ... $1000 or $6000, I'll look at it as a return of stolen property. Am I supposed to thank the thief for bringing it back?

nonoise ... 

  • My next visit to my dr. for a follow up from my cataract surgery is now doing it by phone. No need for an office visit when the info can be conveyed by other means. Time to get used to the new normal.

I have canceled three doctor appointments this week. As an elderly person, and one who has a compromised respiratory system, I think it prudent to stay away from hospitals, medical buildings and doctor offices at this time.

Nonoise ... I just finished watching the President's press conference. One of the questions asked was if the federal government would be taking an equity position in some of the largest corporations. The President said yes, it might be something they would do. I  find this to be disconcerting ... even a bit frightening, actually. I'd be interested in hearing your take on this.

Thanks ...

  • "I wouldn't worry about it tomorrow or this afternoon he'll say something different."
Thank you, Jim Acosta.   
nonoise ..

There were more unemployed at the beginning of FDR's third term than at the beginning of his first. His make-work programs and misdirected policies drove the depression even further down into the dumps. What really turned things around was all of the returning GIs who bought homes under the GI Bill. Lumberjacks, lumber mills, carpenters, roofers, cement finishers, nail drivers, steel plants ... all went back to work.

My mother was hardly a member of the "elite." She was born in 1914, lived through the depression, and worked for the Federal Reserve Bank for over 30 years. She thoroughly understood the monetary system.

You know the hatred exhibited by the left toward our current president? That's pretty much how Mom felt about FDR. She remembered when FDR confiscated all of the gold coin and bullion held in private hands, and voided all gold clauses in business contracts. Her take was that FDR was the closest we came to a dictatorship up until that time. She totally supported the two-term limit amendment on presidents. Middle-class Mom was not an elitist by any stretch. 

I remember as a kid, Mom asking someone if they would like to see a "Great American Destroyer." When they said yes ... she would pull a Roosevelt dime out of her purse and hand it to them.


djones51 ...

  • "Actually there is nothing in the constitution that says the government can't take equity in a corporation." 
 Only if you ignore the Tenth Amendment:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

nonoise ...

  • "What this all looks like to me, now that I think of it, is a duplication of the Russian model where the state buys (forcefully) into businesses ..."

The idea of an economic system, whereby there is the illusion of private ownership, with strict, dictatorial governmental control, is fascism. It is the opposite of our founding principles. This is nothing new for us. Both FDR and Churchill are on record lauding Mussolini’s fascist system in Italy back in the early 1930s. Prior to FDR, Wilson exercised fascist principles as well.

Government taking equity positions in private business is a model for tyranny. It is anti-American and goes against the constitutional republican system.

Americans have been weaned away from the principles of liberty and freedom. It began with the passage of the 16th Amendment in 1913.

On Orwell ... he was correct in his assessments. He just had the year wrong. Beware of tyranny from both the left and the right.


  • "Uh, the 10th amendment prohibits the federal government from taking equity in a corporation?? I’m going to need this one explained, should be a hoot."
Find where in the Constitution the central government has the power to take equity positions in corporations and point it out. After coming up empty, reread the Tenth Amendment posted above.

Considering that this is a world wide pandemic causing thousands of lives, and possibly millions of lives before it burns out, and considering the trillions of dollars in lost wealth it has already caused, what should the payback be for the lying, evil, communist regime in China be? 
Such a positive attitude. Always America's fault, eh nonoise? 
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You're an Indigenous Person? It is a small world. So are my children.  

Have you tried Brazile nuts?

  • Correct mahgister Indigenous people do not refer to pneumonia, or smallpox as missionaries disease.
I believe the term the "Indians" ... err, I mean the "Native Americans" ... err, I mean the "Indigenous People" used to describe these maladies was "The White Man’s Disease."

^^^ I hope not. Its good entertainment while being locked down.  
  • That’s actually rather common now if you’d said you live on a reservation in rural Minnesota....
Point well taken, Chrishan. The "reservation" I live on is known among us elders as "The People's Republic of California." :-)

+1 for chrshanl37,

Funny. :-)
In order to be "WOK," would we need to acquire new words to describe every product by terms other than the country of origin? And if we don’t, would we be deemed "racists" by the Wokists?

I drive a "Japanese" car. I have lots of vinyl records. Some are "Japanese" pressings. What would be the proper "Wok" word to describe them?

I love "Spanish" rice with a nice big bowl of "Mexican" Posole. I like to wash it all down with a "Mexican" beer.

Two of my favorite local restaurants; one serves "Italian" and the other "Chinese." I used to frequent the local "Thai" place until they changed cooks and started serving garbage. Oh yeah, then there’s the "Jewish" deli in the next town over that makes the best Matza Ball soup on the planet.

What would be the proper "Wok" terms when referring to these places in order to not be deemed a "racist?"

Citing the origin of certain diseases is not racism. It is nothing more than citing the source. The fact that anyone’s sensibilities can be "triggered" by calling the latest outbreak the "Chinese" flu is downright laughable. But then, I was raised by the generation that survived the "Spanish" flu.

That was long before the introduction of "Wok" public bathrooms without borders. Maybe it’s a generational thing.


  • ^^^  What happens when civilians use guns either to defend or to take?

Hopefully, the civilians with guns will outnumber the takers.

Here at A'gon, we have a lot of members in the medical field. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them, and to let them know that my prayers are with them. 

My grandson is in his second year of his residency at the USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. He's been on vacation for almost a month and returns to the hospital at the end of this month. He'll be right in the middle of the Petri dish that Los Angeles of The Damned has become. One saving grace ... he will be working in the cardiac surgery department and not in the ER. 

As one who is at an advanced age, and also with a compromised respiratory system, my daughters are keeping a close eye on me. It has been a role reversal. I am no longer the parent, I am the kid. They are doing the shopping and dropping off food and supplies for me. They ring the doorbell, and by the time I get there, they are gone, and the food and supplies are there. 

Take good care of the older folks in your life.

Family is a wonderful thing ...


  • How can he take the oath IF he shares your opinion that the city is dammed ? Wondering how you as judge over millions will yourself be admitted past the gate ?as for safety no. We continue to care for aged parents and take turns sleeping at the hospital oncology ward
  • as for Dotard, his crimes are manifest, only the ignorant, the racist or worse laud him.

1.  Take a trip down to 5th and San Pedro streets, or drive down Santee Street from 5th, then tell us how Los Angeles and those who run the city are not residents and/or perpetrators of a city damned. Even Typhus has hit workers at City Hall. 

2.  As far as myself being admitted through The Gate, I'm comfortable with my relationship with Him. How about you?

3.  Silly, immature name-calling and race-baiting really isn't appropriate for this forum. 

nonoise ...

  • Frank, I hope you weather this crisis as it's no laughing matter. I'm retired as well and am going stir crazy. Alas, I only have myself to get around but the stores are close and the people are nice so here's hoping that nothing untoward happens.

Thanks, nonoise.

We may be 180 degrees out of sync when it comes to political issues, but we do share some things in common. We both love the hobby, the music and have left work in the past. We probably have both discovered at this point in time that we were lied to about the Golden Age. And, we are both prime targets for this damned virus. 

Seeing as how you cannot tell who is a carrier, it would be wise to stay out of markets and such. I don't know about your area, but there are some markets here that are delivering. Also, there are private organizations that will provide food for Seniors. If you can contact your local Senior advocacy group, they may direct you to something like Meals on Wheels. They deliver two meals a day to Seniors. For those on very limited fixed incomes, there is no charge. For those better off, but house-bound, there is a monthly charge. My daughter works for a Senior advocacy group that is in charge of the Meals on Wheels locally here, and she tells me that they are making tons of food deliveries to Seniors who shouldn't be out in public at this time. People like the two of us. 

Here's a site where you can find food deliveries for your area:




  • "I put my relatives regardless of age in a very tight military-type quarantine. This means not a single step outside if there are any people within 100 yards."

You must know my daughters. :-)


I just heard on the news that the Indy 500 has been postponed until August. 

Atty General William Barr issued a directive saying that hoarders of medical supplies would "hear a knock on their door," and would be prosecuted.


All of a sudden, the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) found a stash of 39 million N95 facemasks.

nonoise ....

  • They just go in circles anyway. After the first lap, you've seen everything there is to see. It's F1 and their races being postponed that get my ire up. That's real racing for you. 👍
See there ... something else we have in common. I don't care for circle racing either.


More of the private sector stepping up. I just heard on the radio that Mike What's His Name, the founder and CEO of the "My Pillow" company is gearing up to produce 10,000 face masks per day to be distributed to first responders and hospitals. He's a real success story. From crack addict, to a huge business success. So far, he and his employees have sold over 48 million pillows. 


"Orange Man wants to be a dictator." ___ MSNBC

"Orange Man isn't doing enough to stop the Coronavirus." ___ CNN

At this point, we should be amassing five-gallon buckets to collect the tears of the naysayers come November. 

"The Orange Man should not have press briefings." ___ The Guardian

"The Orange Man doesn't communicate enough." ___  NPR

"The Orange Man is a racist for ending travel from China." ___ CNN

"The Orange Man's approval ratings are skyrocketing ___ Fox

"The brilliant Speaker of The House is passing out impeachment pens." ___ MSNBC

I need a beer.


"Flegmatic?" Damn! I'm just flummoxed.