Would self quarantine be a challenge for an Audiophile? Home detention even a punishment?

With all the talk about people having to self quarantine, I started to think about what that would mean for an audiophile, and Would it even be much of a challenge?
Normal human being - “I had to self quarantine for 14 days and I’m ready to strangle somebody.”
Audiophile version - “I cleaned so many damn records I had been meaning to.... adjusted my VTA and azimuth and my system sounds better then ever, and after listening to the entire Miles Davis and Coltrane’s recorded output, I realized I could have left the house 2 days ago.”

And would some white collar criminal on home detention even be considered being punished? I’d be so content stuck at home with great audio system, home theater projection, laser light and planetarium show, pinball machine, infrared sauna, massage chair, I may decide to commit some “victimless” financial crime just to play with the toys I don’t always have time for.

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What would you call 60 millions Americans who elected the man ?
Leave him alone, this is minor.
Frank, on this there can be no argument. Some other wars as well. I heard stories from my friend, I won't post anything here. Terrifying.
Papa, what makes you think they were finest ? You do sound funny sometimes.

Frank, you might be surprised but there is antisemitism among Jews in Israel !  Racism too, especially towards Jews of Ethiopian origin.
But it is growing is some places in America and Europe too. To use your binary system - from both left and right. 
Bloody idiots in California and Florida.
Danes don't know enough of anatomy to have sex. What they do know is how to build ghettos for refugees. 
What will happen in Denmark after 13 weeks ?  
Batteryjunction.com sells all kinds of batteries, I always buy there.
As for the virus, I suggest everyone prepare for stay at home fun at least until June, possibly longer. Also, that thing might be seasonal and if so could return by the end of the year. Since it is a new virus, no-one really knows yet how it will behave. Chinese could've gotten it under control in the very beginning but they didn't. We thank them. Now it is all over the world. What's next ? Ebola from Congo ?
One problem with quarantine of this sort is that it is easy to start but difficult to end.
I ordered month's food supply on line. Too many people in the supermarket, none wearing masks, and some items are not there, right.
Mask, N95, does not give 100% protection under any circumstances but in most cases it does.
Anyone knows where to reliably order cigarettes on line ? Cigars I did find.
I got enough for three weeks, and the corner store is open for now. 
Don't lecture me, brother. I am MD.
About ebm. These are the first letters of his full name, nothing else. Be nice, will you ?
We will have this kind of leader when we elect him. Yes, him.
Right. This is an interesting situation. On one hand, a little more of solidarity is in order. On the other hand, anyone can become a carrier of a bad disease and infect you, that’s, be a kind of enemy.
This was the first time when I posted my degree on Audiogon. I must’ve had a reason.
I bought on ebay over $100 worth of soap, to support the seller. He said he’d just got fired and thanked me for the initial purchase of $25 worth of soap. So I bought more. Now I will have probably year’s supply of that stuff. The man sounded honest, but even if he was not quite - he needed support, that I could tell.
This is not the last serious epidemic. Climate change, loss of biodiversity and environment pollution will facilitate them as well. I don’t read specialty journals on this subject but I have general ideas of what might come. Viruses may look very primitive but they are in fact complex, more when there are many of them. There are other nasty microorganisms too.
Let’s view the current situation and our response to it as a possible rehearsal.
These things can be contained but it should be done right and very quickly. ’ Maximum pressure’ right away.
Come on, no-one here is coming apart, but we are under stress, no doubt. I have an impression that those in Washington are getting even more chaotic and on the verge of completely losing it. I have much more faith in state governors whoever they are. They are closer to people and in fact are more responsible. US is a federation, this is not France where central government is responsible for almost everything, especially in a crisis of any kind.
Be gentle to your hands.You don't want cracks in the skin, that's how the virus can get into the bloodstream. But wash them well.
Italians were very late and made other mistakes.
Containing an outbreak is in essence should be a military operation.
I don't see anything remotely close to it. No country responded as they should have.
Sanders may be a little crazy but he is considered moderate by European standards and is supported by many people here, especially young people. The origin of Palestinians is a complicated subject and there are a few theories. Some appear to be biased, some not. One of them is that they mostly used to be Jews but got converted to Islam for various reasons. As a consequence of it neither Hebrew nor Arabs have any respect for them. They are on their own.

Owning a chalet..depends on where, not always too much.
Sending kids overseas for school might be more, less or the same expensive as here.
Never heard of $400k watch.
Firms that help preserve your income do exist, yeah.
What are you going to do with that check that supposedly we'll get ?
Yeah, let's all become Amish or cowboys and not give a damn about viruses. Even untreated bubonic plague had mortality rate of about 50%, if I remember right. So what ? 50% would survive. Good for ecology.
They must really get a grip on New York City, New Jersey and Long Island immediately or there will be millions of infectious virus carriers and later they will spread it all over the country and the world and then we might get it back with potentially more ferocity. We could find ourselves in a situation of a chronic active outbreak fluctuating in intensity for years.
You need one so-called super spreader to start or to re-activate an outbreak. As I mentioned previously, viruses are very complex and devious.
Well, I heard that New York subway is working, suburban trains too, not everyone walking the streets in masks, so..
Still, I expected worse by now, the virus might be weakening in one way or another just a little, it's a wild guess of mine. But it is strong enough nonetheless and it can change.
There is no war. It's a circus and a hysteria. Also, cowardice and incompetence.
Have a drink, people, nothing is going to happen to you.
Some doctors and nurses work without proper protection. Stupid and dangerous, both to themselves and the others.
I suspect military has face masks and whatever is needed. They must share.
Unless they introduce military curfew and establish real quarantine quickly entire South almost certainly is going to ignite and soon.
What you see all over the country is BS, they pretend to be doing something but in fact are playing games that contain some elements of what must be done. They are impotent and resigned. Nobody is doing nothing. 
This might be a slight exaggeration but you may want to plan on two-three years until things return to old normal, if they ever do. No-one knows yet. Read about the concept of herd immunity, that's what the officials are possibly after. Vaccine is a possibility within a year. How strong and stable an immunity can be achieved either by vaccination or by the disease itself is a big unknown. And the virus can mutate,theoretically, and virulence of it can be changed as well, in either direction.
I think, The Guardian is good for news as well.

Yes, small town America, the beginning of it and still very much the essence of it. I hope.
I am thinking. Not right away. But I am 40 miles from Manhattan and what ? I would guess, NYC will get contaminated for a long time, with ups and downs of this virus and perhaps other new viruses in the future. Professionally, moving would present some complications for me but nothing major. Life is full of surprises..
I fully agree with both Papa and nonoise. Still, the one who has the original source and the so-called patient zero is more responsible and is more to blame in this case. Western governments' response was absolutely ridiculously inadequate and continues to be weak.
Herd immunity is no simple thing, and if you ask me I am not fan of it at all.
Maybe there is a divine motive behind everything, maybe not, maybe both. But to a degree, without going into mysticism, I think this is nature's warning. Question is who and how many will get the message.
Female organism is stronger in some ways, weaker in others, also depends on age.
Where is my check from the government ? I am thinking of moving away from big cities. What's the purpose of living near or in big city if you can't go anywhere ? 
A word about testing. Even assuming the test is 100% reliable, today you are negative and tomorrow could be positive. So, how many times a day do you want to test asymptomatic people ? And how do you organize it ?
Oh yes, and who pays for it ?
I used to live in New Hampshire before moving over here. And speaking of viruses, I get flu here five-six times a year, including right now. In NH usually two times. But climate is changing, so I am not sure about how it is there these days.

That's a good place to live. In any case, no walking the streets without a good mask, please. Some people can't get them, I know.
brayeagle, there is on-line ordered food delivery service in New York City. Right to your door. In some cases you don't even have to meet a delivery man. No need to leave an apartment. Yes, it might cost more. I have a relative and a few colleagues who are there, that's what they do.
Tell your daughter to try the following:
1. freshdirect.com
2. peapod.com
3. blueapron.com

I am 40 miles from Manhattan and use #2.
As Geoff said, it is as far from real lockdown as I can imagine. It is nonsense. Convincing people to follow necessary rules would be like suggesting some audiophiles here stop thinking they understand any medical science and practice. Futile. The scope of the epidemic is American own making. Have at it.
Yes, current mortality rate is not bad, probably less than 1 in 1000. Still high enough.
Italians and Spanish screwed this up big time. This includes too many infected doctors and nurses. Practicing medicine is no simple thing, you know. Organizing it as well.
Geoff, be quiet regarding this. Please. You scare people with very wrong interpretations. Leave it to professionals.
Nonoise, can't you order food on-line and have it delivered to your door?
Yes, young people can get infected and sick too, of course, not to mention becoming carriers and transmitters.
I put my relatives regardless of age in a very tight military type quarantine. This means not a single step outside if there are any people within 100 yards. Good for me and them that they agreed to it right away. 
Medical students and even some doctors of different specialties temporarily working with contagious patients should be particularly careful not to make mistakes when protecting themselves. Besides their own health, sick doctor is a poor doctor. 
Yes, I can sense a discipline in your family.
One thing you said I disagree with. You are still the parent not a "kid". You just need some assistance in this crisis, that's all.
Since one of my relatives is in New York City, he can never go outside for now because there is always someone within 100 yards. Now that's very difficult. I told him to prepare for six months. Well, hopefully, less.
He said to me - you are a constant joy to talk to.
Thank you.
But no need. Food delivery works in NYC.
Besides, I can always deliver myself if need be. Roads are open.
nonoise, the state of things is very far from being fair.
As for doctors to choose what to do in a situation of limited resources, it is a doctor's personal decision. I can tell you what I would do in similar situation. Aside from my closest relatives, this would not be a dilemma for me at all. I don't leave people to die just because there are others who might too. In a war situation this can become a little more complicated, true.
Counseling? It will not be enough. Serious psychotherapy will be needed.
nonoise, yes.
However, even when the manifest causes are current, they will activate or re-activate other older and latent causes, the whole personality will be engaged.
Some psychiatrists do combine pharmacology with psychotherapy of various kinds. I understand their reasoning but, generally speaking, I am against it unless absolutely necessary. It also depends on particular person. Serious insight psychotherapy is difficult to take, as you said.
ebm, would you like to improve it ? Or perhaps create a better alternative ? In any case, defecation won't help.
Yes, to a degree we do have defenses against even new viruses. It is called non specific defenses. If not, I guess everyone infected would be in big trouble. Also, viruses strength, in addition to their intrinsic nature, is in their numbers. And then, there is an interaction between our organism and microorganisms, which is often a complicated thing.
Again, where is military with all the protective gear and equipment they supposedly have ? And if they don't have enough of it...
If you want to follow the official numbers all over the world, I think this one is best.
What else could be found if looked for thoroughly, I wonder ?
Perhaps all the medical supplies needed for couple of years ? Perhaps..
You better know where those 16 are at any point in time. Just to be on the safe side.
Yeah, I know.
It's getting a little better in some respects in NYC but it doesn't mean that the improvement is going to be linear. Maybe will become clearer in two weeks, maybe..
So far it is not as bad as in some parts of Europe but about the same as in other parts of Europe. I am also concerned about Japan, especially Tokyo. If it starts actively spreading there, there are 30 millions or more people in the metropolis.
I also heard that this lab is operated by CIA.
Italians are almost paralyzed by fear and despair. 
Japan is increasingly in danger, and they are not doing what should be done. Hokkaido appears to be okay, though.
If anyone is in Chicago, Detroit or New Orleans and can move, I suggest you strongly consider getting the hell out of there. I have a feeling that it is going to be worse than New York soon. Montreal can be tough as well.
Seal off Montreal, the best city in the New World. Please. Right away.
New York City will get contaminated for years, I want to be able to visit a city from time to time while living deep in the forest.
I think not. Not at all.