Would Revel Salon2s fit in my 15x18x9 room?

I am debating whether to purchase the Studio2s or the Salon2s given my room size concern.
I used my first pair of Salon One's in a room about the size of your's with excellent results. They do have a room boundary compensation control. I guess I don't need to mention keeping them away from walls. You won't be disappointed with either the Salon or Studio.
Thanks Tmsorosk. I look forward to add'l input others as well.
My Salon 2s are Ina 16X19X9 room. They are placed along the long wall. there sound is fantastic!

I think you'll be ok in your room. They are quite flexible from a placement perspective. Would not want to use them in a room much smaller than yours.


The room is too small unless you have really heavy bass absorption or EQ. Imaging will likely not be precise. A smaller floorstander would be a better fit for that room size.