Would Peachtree Decco be a step up from Rogue 66?

I'm currently using Rogue 66 Magnum preamp with analog output from Squeezebox. I'm intrigued by Peachtree Decco, used as DAC and preamp only (I use Threshold S/200 amp).

Would Decco be a step up?
Any other preamp with DAC that I could look at in this price range?

If so, probably mostly due to the DAC.

Why not just try a good external DAC with the Squeezebox? Most people agree that a good outboard DAC is a step up with the Squeezebox. That would probably accomplish the most.
Why go with the Decco one box solution -- preamp, power amp, and DAC -- when you already have a preamp and power amp? I would think the Rogue is a better preamp than the preamp in the Decco. (I don't know much about Threshold amps.)

Overall, it would be less expensive to buy a NOS DAC (the $200 Valab DAC sold on eBay is highly regarded, as are the Keces and Audio-gd DACs) and a decent digital cable, which you would have to buy if you got a Decco anyway.

Also, in talking to a New York dealer and in doing my own web research, I was left with the impression that Peachtree product reliability has been "spotty" at least in the past.
Take a look at the Peachtree Nova. Ive had it for about a month. I love it! the new DAC and extra power makes it worth the cost over the older Decco.
the Quality is very good too
Thanks everyone. I guess I was wondering if a preamp+DAC combo would be better bang for the buck than separates. Sounds like the standard route of adding a DAC is the way to go...