would paradigmS8 v3 blend well with defo techBPXV?

hello guys and gals! new to this sort of thing and i'm trying to put a decent HT together. have 2 pair of definitive tech bpvx as surrounds, sunfire 7401 amplifier, and an integra dhc 80.3 pre amp. was supposed to pick up a pair of defo tech 7000sc's today but the sub on one of the speakers had issues so i'm a little leary about that now. looking to get a pair of decent mains and a center channel to add to the system. any input will be greatly appreciated! thank you!

Here is a good read for you,


A HT will always sound best with timbre matched speakers, and the perfect timbre match is all identical speakers (the same brand and model), however this is not always possible. As the article states, some receivers or preamp processors can change the sound of speakers, and though this may help, I find it very hard to believe they can make a Paradigm sound exactly like a Def Tech.