Would new speakers----

Make you happier?
Very happy with my speakers, but getting my listening room rebuilt would make me VERY happy!
Yep 2 maggies plus girl=threesome!...at least the closest I will ever get!
they already have - the cambridge aero 2's
Funny, this weekend I just put an old pair of Vandersteen model 5's in my system. I always thought that overall Vandersteen speakers were musical but lacked air, defined bass, and they never seemed that involving when I heard them at local dealers. That changed when I put them into my system, WOW. I cannot believe that I am even saying this. I got a deal on a beat up pair any for a year they sat in the back of my basement because I did not have the high pass filter to use them. I did not even set them up the way the should be. Go figure. They are not "new" but new to my system.

Happy Listening.