Would Montana EPX be too big for my room?

Ok, I will audition the Montana EPS2 and EPX, but not in my room. The EPX is $2000 more than the EPS2.

Is it worth to go for the EPX instead of the EPS2 and will it work in a room of my size? I know the bassports are on the front on EPX I believe that´s good because I can then put them closer to the wall.

From what I understand then the Montana speakers handles all kind of music good. I after something between "Hi-Fi" and "Musical" speakers. I can´t stand bright speakers that only play 20% of ones record collection.

My source is Modwright Transporter. I don´t any amplifier as of now so that will also be bought.

My room is 215ft2 (20m2)
Suggest you contact PBN Audio and pose your question to Peter. He should be able to advise you better than anyone on the best model to work in your room.
Gracias mi amigo I will do just that.
I agree with Pryso. For a second opinion, contact Kevin McGuire at The Soundstation in Bartlesville , OK (Tel 918-336-2240). He runs a pair of KAS in a room approximatley 12 x 16 feet with no issues. He is a PBN dealer and a close personal friend of Peter's. Good listenig, Jeff L