Would Maggies 1.6 Benefit with Biamping?

Hello! I'm driving my maggies 1.6qr with MF a300 integrated amp (150 wpc 8ohm). Do you think the maggies would benefit if I biamp (passive) with other MF amp (the A3cr, also 150 wpc 8ohm)? Or do you think it would be better only one ampilfier (more powerful), let's say, 250 wpc 8ohm. Your replies are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
2 Amps is THE WAY to go. Much better control, bigger soundstage, much better dynamics, less hifi and so on .....
Best are mono amps ( excellent is Rowland, cheaper but also nice are Quads ) but there are enough amps available I think.
I don't think you can do true biamping with the MG1.6 (i.e. using external active crossover). That's because the bass panel cannot be accessed independently (driven by separate amp) from the quasi-ribbon tweeter, unless you do some modification to the factory inputs. Check on the Planar Speaker forum of Audio Asylum for technical discussion of this issue. With the Maggie 3.6/R, which ARE built to be bi-amped, the setup is fairly straight-forward. I biamp my 3.6/R's, and it made a huge improvement in all areas.