Would like your expert opinion please

I have the legendary Yamaha M80 amp with a Nakamichi CA-7A preamp playing from the Nak Dragon cassette deck or my Nak M1 Music Bank CD player. I run four Boston Acoustics A-150's. I think my system sounds great but am considering buying a Nakamichi PA-7AII amp to match my setup. In your opinion, which amp will perform better, the Yahmaha or the Nak. Also, which is built better. Thanks
This thread sounds familiar, and recently familiar at that.
Anyway, get the Nakamichi. The PA-5/PA-7s are bulletproof.
You'll be glad that you kept your system all Nak. Nothing
wrong with the Yamaha but I believe you will be happier with the Nakamichi.
The Nakamichi might have more higher end detail. The only problem you might run into is they're over 20 years old. I don't remember if they're warm running , plus how hard it was driven. Good caps last long in my experience, but if they were exposed to a lot of heat, it may be getting do for new caps.
I meant it may be due for new electrolytic caps.