i have a pair of B&W800d's. KRELL evolution 600's, VPI HRX turntable, dynevector xv-1s and/or shelter 9000 and hovland groove 2 phono cable. all other cables guerilla(silver) sold on audiogon. listen to mostly clasic rock, all informed info or advise would be much appreciated without the hype.
Just curious, doesn't the Krell gear use CAST connections? If so I would think that would be the way to go, though I've never heard it before.

The Synergistic cables are fantastic with Krell.

I disagree on cast. I worked at one of the top Krell dealers in the country and the Cast system didn't sound as good as going with conventinal cabling.

What preamp are you using?
Is there a Synergistic dealer here in the thread?
thor a 3000 stage and krell 7.1 home theater standard. i have been concidering the absolute reference very pricey though. also consider nordost hear different opinions though. can buy used cheaper though. don't wish to go crazy but don't want to do it twice either.
I agree with the above statement that cast is not that great compared to good balanced cables. The best I can say about cast is they are relatively cheap. I compared many cables in my Krell system (no longer own). My favorite match were a pair of signal cable balanced cables (not the silver). My KCT and 400cx were matched with Nautilus 802s. The signal cable tamed the edgy Krell gear and gave me the best bass. Cardas Golden Reference were the most expensive I tried. BTW a hugh upgrade for your HRX is a Triplanar tonearm. I still can't believe the difference it made. My cartridge is a ZYX Universe. I can't speak to any other cartridge. It basically gave me better everything. Email me your number if you want details.
this is an open ended question. what type of presentation are you trying to achieve. cables are a lot like people they have different personalities. what is your favorite ?
like i said i listen to rock on VINYL, tend to play it loud, like to feel the music. i have considered synergistic, very pricey. just not sure you get your $ worth or just think you have to spend a lot to get what your looking for. 800d's list $20,000.00 the absolute ref list for$8,500.00(10ft). seems insane. after dicount synergistic, higher disc., 38% of cost of speaker, tough to swallow. any informed advise?
Generally speaking you will get more performance for your dollar by upgrading the system's weakest component as opposed to putting the money into wires. There are exceptions of course.

Depending on your available funds, I'd think about upgrading the tonearm as mentioned previously. Consider a Schroeder and Dynavector in addition to the TP.

Even in mega buck reference systems, I'm not real keen on $8500 wires. You will find folks who disagree.
How do you like the Krell 600s? Have you had any Krell monoblocks before? If so, how would you characterize the difference/improvement?
I currently have the FPB 450Mcxs, and was thinking of upgrading to the 600s, but so far haven't found anyone who's actually heard them.
I've heard a number of Krell stereo and mono block amplifiers over the years. I'm not a big fan.
well obviosly i am a fan. i had kav500 then i moved up to a pair kav2250's and one kav3250. i sold one of my kav2250's and moved into the 600's when i bought my 800d's. very powerful. they supply all you need and more. i love that up front in your face loud rock and roll. some tastes differ but i am quite happy. to each their own. i have never heard the 450's before but compaired to the 2250's there is just more and lots of it. i am in southern nj voorhees ever in town let me know you can hear for yourself.
Koegz - with this system and your primary listening material, I would outfit the entire system with Purist Audio Design Aqueous Anniversary and be very, very happy. Keep the Music Groove on your table however- that's an excellent choice. If you really wanted to spend a BIG bunch of money, you could go with PAD Anniversary cables, but the Aqueous will make that system sound incredibly good.
I've gone from Showcase to KAVs to FPB 350 to FPB 450 monoblocks, and I've definitely heard improvements each time I moved up. Thanks for the offer, Keogz - will drop you a line next time I'm up there.