Would like to modify my Pioneer pd-65, any suggestions?

Not sure if I should purchase a separate DAC or have the PD-65 modified. Is there someone out there that is reliable and can make a noticeable difference in the sound? Thanks
Contact Bob Crump ( TG Audio ) or Tony DiGiovanni ( G & D Transforms ). Bob is well familiar with this unit and Tony sells parts that are commonly used to upgrade these and other units. If one of them is not interested in working on the unit due to time constraints, they can probably point you in the right direction. I'm sure that Stan Warren would also be a viable alternative. I've talked to Ric at EVS about doing this and he was of the opinion that the results do not justify the time or expense involved. That is HIS opinion though, as much as i do respect him.

If you do have the unit modded, please let us know the specifics. There are a LOT of these out there and i'm sure that others would be interested in your results. My PD-65 is being used as a transport by my brother with an external tube based DAC. If we can get the PD 65 modded with good results, i can get my DAC back from him : ) Sean
www.modwright.com -- dan wright is about as reputable as a tweaker can be.

I can strongly recommend Musical Concepts mods (www.musicalconcepts.com) headed by John Hillig. They've been in business a long time and specialize in Pioneer mods, among others. They did an outstanding job with my Pioneer DV-4l4 DVD player.
I agree with dopogue. John at Musical Concepts really knows his stuff and gives great value for the money.

Do you know what DAC chipset is in your unit? This will have a great deal to do with the "modders" opinion of whether it is "worth" upgrading. As I understand it, they are basically stuck with the DAC used by the manufacturer. They improve all the surrounding analog circuitry. So they want to start with a unit that has potential.

This isn't closely tied to the purchase price of the unit. Some low-cost DAC chipsets are very good (the Burr-Browns), and others are not as good (the Pioneer internally developed), at least by reputation.

Suggest you find out what chipset you have...

- Eric