Would like to hear Silverline Speakers in NYC/NJ

I am looking for someone in the New York City / New Jersey area who has Silverline La Folia or Sonata speakers that would be interested in letting me hear their system. I would offer the same so you could come hear mine as well.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Hello Bigkidz, I was scanning the 'gon and noted your interest in silverlines. I picked up a pair of Sonata 2's a few months ago and have been enjoying them since. I live on Long Island and have made the best out of converting my 12' x 15+' [apartment] dining room into a dedicated listening room. Drop me a response if you want to talk about it. Regards
Hey Bigkidz,
Just got the Sonata 3's. I'm in Closter NJ 15 minutes north of GWB.

The speakers are amazing. Right now you can compare them to a pair of Von Schweikhert VR-4JR's too.

I'm running tube gear right now(Conrad Johnson) so if you want to hear Solid State them you gotta bring it along with you music.

Where are you?

Call me to discuss at 212-584 0862. Or send me an e-mail at rrodmanr@yahoo.com.
Hey bigkidz...if you stop by Rodney's, come by my place, too (same town)...I've picked up some new gear since you were here last...