Would like to hear from Portal Panache owners...

I'm considering matching this amp up with a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1's and a Rega P-25/Dynavector P-75 phonostage/Dynavector 20xL analog setup.

Any thoughts on this combination would be greatly appreciated.
I would also like to hear from the Panache owner's.......:^)

Researching for my P-digm studio 40's.
I am not an owner but have listened to the Panache extensively with a wide range of speakers and sources. I find it a sleeper. I was amazed at its purity and ability to play music, and as the saying goes, "without getting in the way." It is built well and is as neutral as can be for a line stage. I like integrated amps and simple systems and this can be a great foundation. A little more style and it could be the most desired product in its class.