Would like some opinions on tube rolling

My AudioNote preamp uses two 5687 drivers and two 6x5 rectifiers (I think that's what they're used for...). They are all Phillips. I would like to get a little more bass and mid-bass oomph. The unit is extremely detailed and transparent currently. I'd be willing to sacrifice a little (very little if possible) of that transparency to get the added warmth. Since many here have had good things to say about interactions with Upscale Audio I sent off an inquiry to Kevin, but haven't received any response from him yet. When I do talk with him, I'd like to have a little more background as to the possible alternatives and some input from those who have actual experience with the subject.
Thanks for the input
Advantage Tube Service {FL.} and Vintage Tube Services {MI.}.
Vintage Tube Services! Andy is an expert not only in the custom matching of tubes, but knows volumes about the tonal qualities and history of N.O.S. tubes. Personally, I've had several bad experiences with Upscale, and consider myself very fortunate to have found a true expert like Andy at Vintage Tube Services (Tel.# is 616-454-3467).
Thanks for the input. I'll give them a call.
I second that Fatparrot----Andy is a true expert when it comes to tubes, and a gentleman at that. He is there to answer the phone late into the evening, and he will spend time talking to you about your needs and what your trying to accomplish for your system.
You would be better served by surfing AA's tube forum and educuating yourself as to alternative tubes. Then buy what you want on eBay.
Definately read up on the various types of tubes that may suit your application. The above recommendations of Andy at Vintage Tube Services are right on. He's a great resource of info and a great guy to talk to as well. Be careful what you buy on Ebay as there are alot of tubes for sale that may not be as advertised. From my research I've learned there are a lot of tube counterfeits.

All this being said, I have a blast researching, learning, buting and rolling tubes in my Cary 308T cd player and my Blue Circle 21.1 preamp.

Good luck!
Toguht I would revive this old thread as the subject matter I'm interested in seems rather esoteric - 6x5 tubes. I've order some from Sylvania, RCA, and GE. Any fols familiar with the differences between various 6x5 alternatives and how much or little they may influence the sound a rectifiers for a linestage.
I owned a Wright WLA12A which used the 6X5 rectifier. I used both RCA and GE, and I didn't notice much sonic difference between them. However, there was a huge difference in the noise, with both RCAs and one of the GEs generating significantly more noise than the other two GEs. Can't say that's typical; these were all Ebay/Audiogon/friend's tubes, not purchased from commercial tube sellers.

Always wanted to try the Sylvania but sold the preamp before I had a chance. I love Dr. Peppard's stuff and I've talked to him about the 2A and 4A, but WAF and my laziness require a remote.

David - from one lazy, p'whipped man to another ... get off the couch, tell your wife to get a grip, and order a Mapletree. I did and am forever glad of it. Champagne audio for beer money.
Yup, got a Sylvania in there now, and seems very quiet for a tube linestage, though not as quiet as my passive:). I love the MT 2A, a very thought out product with zero BS factor. As good as my CAT, Lamm, and Joule Signature Edition? Hard to say since I don't have them for a/bing, but I don't feel I'm missing anything, though I would say the Lightspeed Attenuator is still the best "preamp" I've heard with my amps and speakers. I'm going to stop worrying about the 6x5s, but 12sx7???
Have a pair of nice NOS JAN CLRV 12SX7GTs in my MT right now - smooth and relaxed, yet still detailed. Going to try a pair of NOS Sylvania 6SN7GTAs (chrome tops) next.
Where did you find the 12sx7s? Dr. Peppard seems to really like that tube.
From the good Dr. himself.