Would like some advice on Spendors

My wife wants to pick up a set of Spendors. She fell in love with them on hearing a set of SP100 and SP1/2s when we were on vacation. For her the warmth and vocals were just perfect and she doesn't care about any possible deficiencies with bass or timing etc. I heard these myself and was very impressed with the vocals. Our other speakers are JMLab Utopis BEs which I think we will quite different from the Spendors so there should be a nice overall with the 2 sets.

There are a number of different models floating around at various prices with good opportunity to pick up used, ex-demo or even new models. We are looking at
Spendor 7/1 (not made any more)
Spendor SP1/2 (E)
Spendor 1
Spendor S8Es
My problem is that I have only ever heard the SP100s (too big for us) and the SP1/2s from the above list and even though all have some very strong reviews behind them I’d like to hear from anyone who has listened to anything on the list and if anyone has an opinion between models etc.

I, until very recently, was a happy owner of some SP 1/2E's.
Listened to them through a Threshold T-100 amp (which I should have NEVER sold) and then through a Musical Fidelity A308cr amp using a Audio Research LS-15 pre-amp.

Household politics dictated the sale of the Spendors. Otherwise they would still be around.
If you go the 1/2E's route you'll have to get good stands.
Having owned all these get the 8e, you wont need stands,they work well with a wide range of gear, and they look great. Same Spendor sound.
Based an advice from a number of different sources, I have decided to go with BC1s.