Would like a good integrated to power Vandersteens

I have Vandersteen 2CE signature 2 and also Model 1. Both are great sounding but a little laid back. I would appreciate any suggestions for an integrated amplifier or reasonable amp/pre-amp combo to bring these speakers alive.
Whats your budget?

On the high/ultra end: Vitus, Gryphon...

On the powerful/slightly super-clean end: Krell Evo Integrated (equiv of 402)...might help bring them alive

On the mid-priced: NAD makes excellent stuff
Audio Analogue integrated are a very good match for Vandy's, far better than NAD,Cambridge,Rega etc.
More "all of one piece" seamless top to bottom than Creek.

I heard a 70W per channel AA Primo replave 10K woth of Atma-Sphere gear drive Magico 3 very close to as well,had to listen hard to pick out a little less depth !
AA was bought new for $5oo on closeout.
I heard the Vandy 2CE driven by audio research elecronics and the sound was excellent. Also McCormack electronics make a great match with the 2CE.
Schubert's suggestion makes sense to me...have heard extremely good things about Audio Analogue though have not heard myself. the only thing is you said Vandy's are a bit laid back for you...and you want an amp to "wake them up"...hence why i suggested SS amplification with some serious current and a tendency towards 'exactitude'.
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum ...... maybe a perfect match !
My suggestion is to call John at Audioconnection. I don't know where you live, but John is well acquainted with all things Vandersteen (including everything else hi-fi), and is a super nice guy. I'm sure he would be willing to help. I would take his word seriously.
I can't believe nobody mentioned Audio Research. Audio Research is excellent with Vandersteens. I don't know what he uses now, but Richard Vandersteen regularly used Audio Research to show off his speakers at shows and that combination with a Vandersteen 2W was one of the best systems I have ever assembled.
I think a used Bryston is a candidate. They livened up my relaxed B&W DM2000 and the 20 year warranty is unique among amps.
Hi CBcarbaj,

good call. they may "wake up" the Vandersteens as was originally requested...they need a lot of high quality power. And the Brystons are good at that. i have heard the new SST2 is actually quite sweet in comparison to many SS amps. particularly the 28B SST2.
Lloyddelee21, Actually Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures don't need a lot of power and quite often lower powered amplifiers sound better. Any Audio Research amp/preamp combination no matter how low the power rating, combined with a Vandersteen subwoofer will be the best sound you could possibly imagine from a pair of Vandersteens.

Jimkinc, Take Stingreen's advice and call John at the Audio Connection.
I've used a Krell 400xi with Vandy's. They sounded very nice together.
I bet they do! good combo.
i'd ditto the krells as well. any of the last few generations would do fine. pre-owned...they can had pretty cheap and pack plenty of punch. good match with laid back speakers imho.
Shengya, Kavent, and Vincent integrateds absolutely kill for the money (and they're all made at the same factory). Not that I'm advocating killing for money, but you know what I mean.