Would Klipsch forte ii go good with my system

Klipsch RC7 center, RS7's surround and RS3 rears Thanks Jim
Did you ask in the Klipsch for a? I own Heresys (I bought new in 1976/77) and Lascala also late 70s version (original flavor). I don't think they would offhand because I find the more recent Klipsch don't sound like the "vintage" or classic (?traditional?) series.
While the Fortes even the sub types are not among what Klipsch called their classics, I think the fortes do share some of the qualities ut with better bass response.
If me, I would move the forte II's to a 2-channel rig and get the RF-7's to match the rest of your speakers in your HT rig. The forte II's are wonderful speakers that can rock out as well as display the detailed nuances of complex music as well as acoustic pieces. A very well rounded pair of speakers.

On the other hand, except for maybe pro cinema speakers, the RF-7's are really hard to beat for HT with those 10 inch woofers and that huge 1.75 inch compression driver horn.

I would not consider Klipsch speakers unless you are satisfied with low end sound. Audition Bowers & Wilkins, Revel, Sonus Faber and KEF and you can't go wrong