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Tried out an ARC LS 3 pre amp a bit ago mated to an Aragon 2004 amp but, using the mute control on the LS 3(when starting up and shutting down) produced a poping in the Apgoee speakers even though the sound was great with the 2004/LS 3! I didn't have any trouble with the Aragon 18K pre I was using with the 2004 at the time. Flash forward, I've since had the house rewired (new box to proper code now) and am thinking about an LS 3 again but this time mating with an ARC amp.
Should I be in fear that the same thing would happen still again (popping the speakers)? I don't want to incur any damage to the speakers and my outlets are properly grounded and incorperate Oyaide outlets now. Knowledgeable opinions would sure help me out! Thanks :{
I suspect that your LS3 had some DC at its outputs which caused the popping in/from your SS amp. Not unusual with tube/ss combos.

This is relatively unusual with tubed amps as their transformers will not pass the DC. Some SS amps have built in protection from DC and also keep it from passing DC, but these are usually the expensive 'overbuilt' models. DC passed on to the speakers in excess can damage the speakers as well as the amps.

If you are talking about a tubed ARC amp that would be a safe combo but if you are talking about an ARC SS amp I'd check out how it deals with excessive DC.

LS 3 is a SS unit though isn't it?

Why not just put the amp in standby first?
Sorry I should explain a bit better, have a possibile full ARC combo I'm thinking of going into, with a choice of the following amps; D200,D240,D300,100.2 or 150.2 to mate with the LS 3. Since there is no stand by to place the amp into (in some cases) this is where my question origionates from. I would put the pre into mute first and then start the amp but in the afore mentioned case that's where I got the popping when I muted even with the volumn turned down to it's lowest point before doing so. Aso at that time I was using A Proceed transport/dac combo where this time it will be an ARC CD 3. I hope this helps to make a better evaluation of the problem now.
The simple answer is an unqualified yes if you turn a preamp on or off while the power amp is on you will hear a pop, of some kind. My current pre ( an original minor miracle the AE-3 )makes a soft pop but previously I had an ARC in particular that made a real loud one.
The rule is turn on the power amps after you turn on the pre and shut off the power amps before shutting off the pre.
Always allow a for the caps to cool off if you have the big electrolytic ones you know the amp will work for a few seconds or more when turned off. It depends on the amp that's the best I can do.
Follow the rule power amp last on and first off