Would it be worth upgrading from D2 to Classe 800

i am running a pair of new 804d's and would upgrade the amp as well.
I think he is asking if it would be a worthwhile upgrade to go from an Anthem D2 pre/pro to the Classe 800 pre/pro. I have no idea I haven't heard either one of them althnjough I have heard the SSP-600 and it is the best sounding pre/pro I have ever heard. Is there some way you can audition them both preferably in the same system?
If you primarily watch movies only then maybe the D2? If you listen to music often I would recommend the Classe SSP-800.Just remember movies have music playing in the soundtrack and that also makes the movie that much more enjoyable in a system that gets the music right the first time. I've had one in my system for about 4 months now and love it. Very detailed with the ability to retrieve information on some of my better sounding discs I had not heard before. Not to be confused with sounding "bright" which it is not. I previously owned an Audio Research LS25 MKII and Denon 3808CI. I sold them both to buy the SSP-800. For me it was the best purchase I've made regarding a replacement piece in my own system for some time! When I did audition the CT-800 before buying the SSP-800 it was with Classe amps and B&W speakers. Hope that helps you a bit?