This amp is probably 30 years old. There is one I can grab for 2500 bucks. Good buy? Too old? What do you goners think? 
23.5 is one of the best amps made by ML and still hold its own against most of the amps made today.  
Congratulations. Even at $4K you won't find anything new or even lightly used to compare with the 23.5. Enjoy.


The Mark Levinson 23.5 is one of the very best amps that Mark Levinson ever produced.  It is wonderful.  It is as good or better than most amps produced today.  Period.  It can drive any speaker quite well.

Yes, it is a serious PITA to repair because of how the company put it together.  But, not impossible.

If the amp was in good shape and well looked after and the caps and other components are in working order, don't replace the caps.

There was an upgrade to the 23.5 (yes, the 23.5) that was required by Mark Levinson that only authorized repair shops know about.  So, if you have the cash for the cap upgrade and decide to do it, then request the upgrade also.

I vouch for George Meyer AV in Los Angeles.  They do very good work on pretty much any equipment.  They are authorized by Mark Levinson, Audio Research and many others.  Fortunately, when I don't want to work on equipment myself (quite rare), I have no problem using George Meyer technicians.  They are open, friendly and know their stuff.

I know you have already purchased the 23.5.  But for anyone else considering it, if the heat sinks are black and the amp works and is in good shape, you are hard pressed to find a better amp. 

even today.  This is one you absolutely hold on to.

There are others out their that if found, grab.  like Bedini amps (the 25/100/250 amps are great), Threshold, etc. 

anyway, enjoy your 23.5.