Would it be an appreciable difference in sound?

Right now I am using my Rotel RDV-1060 to play audio cds. If I buy a CD player like Marantz 6005 or a used musical fidelity etc. Will it result in huge improvement?
BTW other components are Lexicon RX amp, MC-12, Meridian 557 amp and Usher CP-8871 speakers.

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For a "HUGE" improvement, I think you need to move up to the next level of CDPs. These are typically CD/SACD players or CD ONLY and don't include DVD playback.
The higher up the chain, CDPs will (sometimes) have a better DAC, and most certainly a better master clock to prevent jitter. Lack of jitter control is what causes that "glare" or harshness from a CD.

For example, the Musical Fidelity M6CD would fall into this category, and the higher end Marantz. If I was to put a price on this level of CD, it would be $2000+. Of course there are some exceptions.