Would I benefit from biamping?

I know that this may fall into opinion, but? Would I benefit from purchasing a second Krell KSA-250a and run them in a bridged mode to my Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE's? Or am I already fine with the power that I have? Would biamping give me that, more immediacy, more detail, just more? Do I need a crystal ball to figure this out or just a couple of grand to buy a used KSA-250a and try it? There are so many things to buy. I don�t want to waste money.
SORRY!! That is a KAV-250a. A little brain fart.
In some cases yes but in this case - save your money.
I while back there was a long thread about this very subject. I have saved a link to a web-site (http://www.sound.au.com/bi-amp.htm) that you should read to give you some very good ideas about bi-amping. It talks about the various "options" you have and what their individual benefits are. I personally think it's a great article.
Bi-amping almost always helps; especially actively bi-amping.
That said, in my opinion, you should first upgrade your amp. I would sell you KAV and purchase a Krell FPB. I guarantee the improvement will blow you away!
Hi Mcne; can't answer you yet, but maybe in a couple of weeks. I've had the same questions you have, so I just decided to "do it". My McCormack DNA-2DXs are now at SMC for upgrading and matching for passive vertical bi-amping.

Both Vandersteen Audio and Steve McCormack recommend bi-amping. I should have the amps back next week and will probably post a short report here. Right now I'm jumpier than a cat in a dog pound, ie hoping they'll sound good-- no home auditioning here, I just made the decision and did it-- after lengthy discussion with Steve McCormack. Note: my main cost was in upgrading, not in matching. Good luck to both of us ;>) Cheers. Craig.
I upgraded my system from one stereo 100w amp (muse100) to a vertical biamp setup. One 100w amp powered my speakers fine...I really didn't need the extra power...but in adding the 2nd amp, the soundstage got wider, deeper, more 3 dimensional...in one word: better. The overall sound of the system will remain the same, so if you are really happy with your amp, another one will simply make your system a notch better. Mind you, the difference won't knock you out of your listening seat. If you are an audiophile (a rich one), the expense is worth it. Personally, I think you'd realize greater enhancements if you sold that kav, took your $2k+ proceeds, and got a better amp altogether (preferably not another krell). I've owned a 300i and demoed a FPB200c ($7500 retail). I would have chosen one of my muse amps $1100ea (let alone the biamped setup) over the Krell FPB200c. There are plenty of people on this site that can recommend a better amp ...so ask around.