Would I be crazy to swap B&W 800 series for Klipsch RP series? (804S VS RP-260F)

There’s no logic behind this swap other than I’ve had B&W’s for the last 10 years and I want to experience something different and get some new toys to re-spark the hobby. I’m contemplating the Klipsch RP-260F since they’re similar in size and foot print to the B&W 804S. But the B&W’s where about $4000 new and the RP-260F are about $1000 a pair (a little more for the piano black). I want to be able to sell my current speakers to 100% fund my new purchase with no additional money out of pocket and possibly have cash left over so other high end speakers such as B&W 800 series are off the radar. I’m looking for more budget high performance speakers that could possibly compete with my current setup and also offer a different experience.

With such a price difference is it just not possible for the "cheaper" Klipsch to compare to the B&W? Also, dropping from a 3-way to a 2-way speaker would I be missing some of that nice midrange from the B&W FST driver? Or can a well designed 2-way still do good midrange? Will the cheaper Klipsch cabinets introduce more boxy sound/distortion compared the the extravagantly designed B&W cabinet? One thing I like about the B&W 800 series the lack of boxy cabinet sound that I can hear right away in cheaper speakers now after being with the B&W 800 series for the past 9 years. It’s something you might not notice until you’ve lived with completely dead resonant free cabinets for years and then you notice it right away on cheaper cabinets.

I just bought a set of RP150M bookshelf speakers in piano black on sale for only $279 for my PC and they’re hooked up to an old Onkyo TX-SR576 that was given to me for free. Ran Audyssey and put on a movie and I’m shocked at the level of detail and how just a set of stereo speakers can sound like surround sound which is making me now double think about even wasting money on a center channel speaker again because the imaging in movie soundtrack is so good from just these two little speakers (currently have the matching B&W HTM3S center for the 804S in another room). But what I hear a lack thereof is the lack of presence in the mid to bottom mid of male voices albeit we’re not playing on fair grounds (small 2-way bookshelf vs a 3-way floorstanding speaker). Minute background detail seems to be there in the upper end and comparable to the B&W tweeter (the sound of birds chirping, heck, the Klipsch might even be slightly more detailed) but there seems to be a lack of detail in the midrange (male vocals) compared to the B&W (again, really not a fair comparison comparing $279 2-way bookshelfs to $4000 3-Way floorstanders in completely different rooms and electronics but that damned FST mid was probably the main selling point when I did a in home audition of the B&Ws - it’s milky smooth and HIGHLY detailed and makes male vocals sound real/natural)

Since I’m going to be using at least one 12" sub (want to get dual 12’s or a single 15") I’m not completely ruling out just getting the larger RP160M bookshelf speakers since a sub or two will be taking over the lower end however, that lack of lower male vocal presence I’m experiencing with the small RM150M would I still be better off with larger floorstanders even if crossing over to a sub or two for more mid/midbass pressence/larger soundstage or is this just a 2-way/Klipsch problem in general and it doesn’t matter floorstander/bookshelf with a sub crossed at around 80hz? Should I even consider the larger RP-280F instead of the 260F for more mid/lower mid presence? But man these two little RP150M’s really sound like being engulfed in multiple speakers on movie soundtracks...pretty amazing surround imaging from two stereo speakers with crystal clear upper end....if I could get that plus the B&W midrange presence that would be great!

Opinions? And what price would be a fair sale price for my B&Ws? I have...

1 pair 804S (Rosewood)
1 matching Center HTM3S (Rosewood)
1 pair 685 rear/surround (Black Ash)

I’m the original owner and bought them brand new (still have receipts). Speakers have no scratches and there’s no pets or kids and it’s a very clean non smoking environment. Basically they’re like they just came out of the box brand new with everything included minus the boxes (had no place to store them).
Is it possible for you to fund the Klipsch RP-260F or 280F purchase before you sell the B&W 804's?  If so, then do that and do a head to head.

Emig, you can get an idea of prices by looking at Hifi Shark's sold listings.

As far as speakers, I have heard B&W's and like their sound. The Klipsh are loved by many, though I haven't listened to them since the 70's and they were the huge Cornwall's or something like that. They are nice, but I don't think will give you the detail of the B&W's.
If you want to get something 'better', I suggest a time an phase aligned speaker like Vandersteen.
Magnepan, ProAc, and Harbeth are some other manufacturers I would recommend you listen to before buying anything. Of course, try to find a place that sells the Klipsh, or maybe a local Agon'er, and see if they suit you.

i would see what trades you could do with The Music Room in Colorado, great fantastic Audiogon dealer.....

other than loud you would IMO be selling yourself short....

and yes for the K fans i have a pair of vintage 74 Cornwalls rebuilt....in the garage.....possibly the only thing i own capable of drowning out a fine german flat six on full rpm song....

maybe tge Stihl.....?
@tomic601 ,
The OP will probably get a better price by selling here or US Audio, in my opinion.
I decided to wait for the refresh of the RP series due in August to try Klipsch and keep my B&W's, at least until I demo the Klipsch pretty good.

hello, New to posting.

I don’t know if you already decided or not but this review in Home Theater compares the new Klipsch RP-280FA’s to the reviewers own reference speakers the Revel Performa3 F206 towers. Just one review, for what it's worth.

"Just to get an idea of the RP-280FA’s accuracy, I compared ii with my Revel Performa3 F206 tower speakers, using the Van Alstine ABX box to match the levels and provide quick, remote-controlled switching. There’s no doubt that the F206 sounded more neutral, especially with voices; dialogue and singing always sounded smooth and natural. However, the F206’s treble sounded a little soft, especially after hearing the Klipsch system. I expect that, if I (and most other listeners) did a blind test with no idea what speakers I was hearing, I would prefer the Klipsch’s bigger, more lively sound. Which one you would like I can’t say for sure, but I can say they’re both in the same ballpark when it comes to performance. And of course, the RP-280FA’s dual eight-inch woofers easily outpunch the F206’s dual 6.5-inch woofers."