Would frequency response of cartridge determine purchase?

Recently purchased new un-open Clearaudio Virtuoso V2 and found upper frequencies from 5k on to be 3db

above flat frequency response. If a system is very revealing this extended high frequency would be very

audible. So why not have frequency response of cartridges known to buyer before purchase! Yes I am in

a bad situation with forking out big bucks and hoping for huge a upgrade! Cartridge is at distributor and am

waiting for test results. Just curious why such a unit would leave factory in the first place. 

Why would a cartridge like yours leave the factory? Because all cartridges are notoriously non-linear
Are you sure that the load capacitance seen by the cartridge when you tested it wasn't too high?  (The load capacitance seen by the cartridge being the sum of the capacitance of the phono cable, which is proportional to length, and the capacitance of the tonearm wiring, and the input capacitance of the phono stage).  100 pf is recommended for the Clearaudio Virtuoso V2, which is low enough to be hard to achieve in many cases.

If the load capacitance applied to a moving magnet cartridge is considerably higher than recommended, typically the result will be a frequency response rise in the mid to upper treble, probably followed by a frequency response dip at frequencies approaching 20 kHz.

-- Al
I believe I have mentioned this in here before that Clearaudio is on the brighter side. Some people embraced it but some despise it. This all comes down to personal preference and taste. 
"Clearaudio is on the brighter side" 

I have NOT found this to be true of Clearaudio. In fact they make some of the most gorgeous (not bright) sounding, tonally accurate cartridges I have ever heard. very beautiful indeed. A very good phono preamp of course makes all the difference. Its the gateway to great vinyl, IMO.

Matt M

How have you arrived at +3db at those frequencies? Just curious to understand your test method before trying to offer any thoughts..


I have the Graham Slee combo of the Revelation and the Elevator EXP.

I have the ability to adjust loading. The paper work that came with

cartridge has a performance graph and showed the units performance

when tested at factory.


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The paper work that came with cartridge has a performance graph and showed the units performance when tested at factory.

I see in your thread from a few months ago that you are using the Clearaudio Concerto V2, a low output moving coil cartridge, not the much higher output moving magnet Virtuoso V2 cartridge used by the OP. Although you reported also experiencing excessive brightness. What did the performance graph you referred to show?

-- Al

I made a mistake! The cartridge is the Concerto V2 not the VirtuosoV2.

Yes I have been searching for answers as to why the cartridge is bright.

The performance graph shows a rise of 2db around 5K and even higher

at 10K over 3db. Are the measurements within Clearaudios standards?