Would Epos speakers take full advantage my amps?

I want to know if the larger Epos bookshelf speakers would step up and take full advantage of my Quicksilver mid mono amps. Are they good enough to do them justice?
OH,are they real placement dependant? I can only pull them out 10" from my back wall.

They look like serious speakers,very nice looking.......I worry about the metal domes.Don't like hard sizzzzzle.

I'm looking at the Epos 12.2 or something like size.

metal domes sizzling are a myth. bookshelf epos are solid, but i would also check out other 'values' like martin usa and fritz loudspeakers (as well) for your tube amps. if you go the 'used' route there are numerous choices that may not break the bank.
Jaybo is right about the metal dome tweeters - they are not in-and-of-themselves bright or etched sounding. Just give a listen to the Harbeth C7 which is a little to laid back and soft for my tastes.

I've heard two Epos with metal dome tweeters and both were on the musical and forgiving side of things - not bright, etched at all.
But , will the Epos deliver everything that the mid monos are sending ?
sure they will....within their frequency range.
Are you asking if there is a better sounding speaker to match with QS at that size, or at that price? For the size and price, the Epos are certainly competitive with anything else out there, but there other speakers better than the Epos, sure, but how much more are you willing to spend? You might also want to condider something from ProAc, Quad, Nola, Totem, Spendor, or Harbeth which all have wonderful small speakers. In a smallish speaker my first choice would be the Merlin TSMs, but that is a bit up in size (and price compared to the Epos).