Would Dynaudio Contours mate well with Denon?

I hear that the Dyns. need a lot of clean power. I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with the Contour line mated with a Denon 5700 reciever. and if so, how well (or poor) it sounds. The Denon has 140 w.p.c., but is a reciever never the less. I'm looking for a great all around (5) speaker set for this unit.
(70% music , 30% h.t.). I have not heard the Audience line yet,- don't care for B&W much. Please give me your sugestions and opinions.
I have a Denon 5800 with 2 Dynaudio Contour T2.5s a T2.1 and 2 Contour 1.3s (the older version of the 1.3mkII - I bought these used). I have not yet purchased the Contour Sub and I cannot imagine how there could be any more bass - I can't wait to find out.

This combination is Magnificient. Yes, true audiophiles would say that and amp-preamp combination would sound better, but I disagree. The trade off between that 10% of music that might benefit from a dedicated amp is not worth losing the incredible home theatre experience and ease of use. The system sounds good at low volumes as well as when it blows the paint off the walls. I love it.
No I do not think the Denon is up to the task.. Get a Krell or Mark Levinson or class A design beefy amp. Or at least Audiolab pre-power combo. The Dynaudio well sound bright if it is underdriven, it well sound even brighter with DENON!
Good luck.
I have Levinson Gear (27.5 amp & 380s Pre) with SPMs for interconects and speaker wire, pushing my 1.3SEs and to me that the kind of gear that make these speakers sing.
you can certainly use a receiver to driver Dynaudios and they will for the most part sound very good. but to get the full potential of what the Dyns are capable of, separate amp would be preferred.
Basically I find this whole speaker/ amplification/ wires etc paradigm to be the same as cars.

Sure you can get a ferrari and run it on crap tires with low octane gas...but you think any ferrari drivers do that? hell no....they want the "full potential" to get the final 5-10% that its capable of doing... Just realize...a ferrari with bad tires and regular class still whips the pants off most other cars in every way imaginable :)

Well it seems everyone here is saying the same thing...you wont get the POTENTIAL on that receiver.

I CERTAINLY think going with the Contours is gonna easily outclass the audience series regardless of what your running on.

I find amplification/preamp to only make a small impact on sound.
I feel speakers alone get up to 90% of their potential on their own, and the rest of the stuff + positioning makes up the final 10% of potential.