Would appreciate some recommendations.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on new amps and a line stage. Looking to go with tubes, and let's pretend that cost is not the primary issue. My speakers are Dali Megalines. On the front end I'm using a couple tt's (Forsell Air Force One and Micro Seiki sz it) and an Esoteric X0 cd player.

The Megalines require 4 channels. I'm currently driving the bottom end with a Krell 600, which I'd like to improve upon and the top end is temporarily driven by an old Carver that I had lying around. Preamp is a Krell HRC (I'd like to replace this) and an Aesthetix IO for the phono.

Any recommendations for new amps and a pre-amp would be greatly appreciated.

ICE or class D amps on the bottom, cooler running, great power, would do the job well.
Hello Wsamoska,

What improvements are you looking for on the woofer section over what that big Krell is doing now?

Get in touch with Albert Porter (do a search On this site)
He has the Megalines with Vtl's
Excellent source for info & helpful.
Lamm would be a nice choice if cost is no object and they have an excellet sounding phono preamp
Wow.. How lucky! If cost not an issue then I'd recommend to go FM Acoustics.
Power amps - FM 1811 x 2
Pre-amp line - FM 268
Pre-amp phono - FM 222
Heard the above combination in three different set-ups, driving statement speakers ie. FMA Inspiration System 1, Wilson Wamm and Kharma Reference.. In all, the musicality, the realism, were just absolutely mind blowing, far beyond anything else I've ever heard! Check their website --- www.fmacoustics.com