Would anyone respond???

I'm happy with my audio system the way it is right now and wouldn't change a thing? Seems most everyone is seeking that next upgrade or tweak. Can we hear from someone that's happy in the here and now? Someone who doesn't plan on changing anyhing in thier system in the foreseeable future. Maybe not the audio industries favorate person!
I am happy with my system. Perhaps if I knew more at the time I would have went the SE path. However 15 years ago there wern't as popular as they are today, along with the selection of speakers. Everything was good ol' fashioned class-AB. I really enjoy my Proac Responce-2 and cannot see a 5 watt SE amp driving them. If you decide to by good audio equiptment at the start that you are happy with, upgrading is not needed. If you are not happy with your initial purchase, you must ask yourself why did you spend the money in the first place.
Responding in the affirmative to this post will result in immediate expulsion from the Audiophile Brotherhood, and replacement of all gear by a Bose system. ;}
You got my vote. My rig is right where I want it. This is, in this audiophoolish hobby, a temporary thing, but I feel this "temporary thing" will last for quite awhile. It's all music now. and that's a good thing...peace, warren
I was right there last week. It lasted for about a day and a half. Everything sounded great. And suddenly my ears gave way to my brain (such as it is) and I thought what if I........? Now I've got a couple of things on the "Gon and I'm huntin' for some other stuff. I gotta the feeling was great while it lasted:--))
I typically keep my components for at least 5 years, after I get the system's sound where I'm happy with it.
Right now, I'm happy.

But that doesn't mean that I'm not looking for stuff that I might want to upgrade to in the future.
Warrenh, I don't always agree with what you have to say, but I will say this. If there was any one person on audiogon that I could confidently say was happy with their system, it's you. Being totally happy with your system and not wanting to change is a very challenging thing. It's a place that a lot of people want to be. And then there is me. I'm very happy with my system. Even if it is sounding very good, I'm always trying to find other components that make it sound better. Ulitmately, it gets tiresome after a while. I think even the people that are strictly in it for the equipment really want to be in it for the music like warren is. After all, if there is no music, what is the point of the equipment. It'd be like a sports car without a road.
To most, this is a hobby and change is a must. I'm not really sure how many listen to music and how many listen to equipment.
I play around with a lot of stuff but for actual listening I have a set system to do that with.
I'm happy with my main system. Problem is I collect vintage audio from several manufacturers so there's always something coming and going.


Paul :-)
I'm very, very, very happy with my system with a few caveats: 1) I believe the front end power can be cleaner via conditioners, pc's, etc., 2) I'd like to spend more time on acoustic treatments, 3) I'd like to do more work on isolation / decoupling, and 4) I'd like to supplement my digital front end with a higher end single disc player that also does SACD. Technically, I'd be changing just about everything other than my existing components ;-) Does that count?

Honestly, I love my system and am finding it hard to go to bed at night since I don't want to stop listening to music. Nonetheless, there is so much more to music reproduction than the components themselves. I think there are two general areas of focus in the land of audiophiledom: the system itself and the system environment, which includes the first three factors I mentioned plus things like room layout and speaker placement. My focus now is on the system environment. If I keep improving that, I may never get any sleep ... but what the heck!
We really have two hobbies here.

1...Some people are music lovers, and just want a system that allows them to hear the music. They don't upgrade often.

2...Some people are interested in the technology. They are always experimenting.

There is no reason why you can't have both hobbies. Both are valid.
IT NEVER ENDS! I'm getting close on one system, but then I'm already thinking through future steps towards building another. I even went to see my Doctor, who sent me to a Hematologist, who conquered HI-FI was just in my BLOOD! His recommendation was Plasma Therapy? So I took his medical advise, & purchased a 42" Hdtv Plasma, built a 7.1 Ch hi-end Home Theater system which didn't help! Some much for the medical route, as I'm right back to 2 channel! I got married a little over 3 months ago, which I thought would slow things down in it tracks? Nope! So in the words of a very wise man.... George Jetsons "Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing"???
I feel a change in Audio winds... After years of Big Balls SS amps, I feel the "Want" to play with 300B, & flea-power SET tube gear. The desire to build my own Single Driver, & Horn variety high db efficiency speakers is also present now!?! The Force is strong like Luke Skywalker being drawn over to the Dark Side! The Mapletree Audio amps, & amp kits, are looking good too. So I think in the future there will be a whole crap load of new gear, heading in, & out of my listening rooms. So since Slappy changed his name to "Sigh", & "AudioPimp" is already taken.?.?. I will from now on only answer to "Mr. Bling-Bling", till I find my perfect SET sound? But in the end, it is still all about the Music, not the Gear!
I am very happy with my gear and have no plans to replace anything.
After I steal componants from TWL I usually keep them for five years too!
ive been happy with the overall sound of my rig for some time now but for me half the fun is getting to try out new gear.

if somthing happened today that caused my finances not to allow upgrades i would be completly happy .

hey frank OH ! sorry,mr bling bling i too am thinking about flea powered amps & such,im dying to try the same route but until i find a SS amp that i can weld 1/2 thick plate steel with the SS quest continues.

even though its about the music its still big fun tryin out every thing in sight!

I am "in-between"...
I keep stuff a long time, but I also change things when I see something interesting that I think I want.
My prior speakers I had for 20 years. (Infinity IIa)
My current amp I had since it came out (Forte' 4a)
My pre for about 6 years now. (Adcom 7??)
My Scd777ES for 3 years now.
(I am not very interested in SACDs. I bought ithe SCD777ES as a demo for $1,700 to play CDs. it sounds wayyyy better as a transport than the Rotel transport I had before.)
Got back into vinyl and bought 12,000 (cheap) LPs in the past two years!(already recycled over 2,000, but most of the rest a pretty good)
Two TTs and two Shure V15VxMR via the web last year...
My Audio Research Phono PH-2 for a few weeks now.
The PH-2 sounds to me like a very long term keeper.
Bought myself about 100 Blue Note jazz CDs for Christmas as I can't find very many Blue Note jazz LPs...
My current speakers are only temporary (Maggie IIb) and I am getting ready to invest in other speakers, probably 1.6 or 2.6 Maggies. (maybe... as I am satisfied with what I have... but I might or might not buy better speakers anyway...)
So audio is my hobby.. I spend most of my extra income on it one way or another. Equipment or music.
PS: my Sony VEGA 36XBR400 died TWO years ago... I refuse to replace it or get it fixed. (more time to listen to music!)
Elizabeth, How & Where are you storing 12,000 Lp's?
I toosed at least 2,000
4,300 in living room Classical
2,000 in kitchen Jazz
3,200 in bedroom Rock
and some in boxes.
Shelving units six high...
Ton plus in living room
ton in bedroom,
nearly a ton in the kitchen
Elizabeth, Kitchen for storage? So how do you keep the bacon grease splatter off your Lp's?
Elazabeth - re: "my Sony VEGA 36XBR400 died TWO years ago..." - You haven't missed much, except about 735,687,348 commercials....