Would an ARC LS16 match well with a Bryston 5BST?

Hi there. I've been using solid state stuff ever since, and I was thinking about moving on to a hybrid setup (tubed preamp). I'm looking at a good deal on an ARC LS16 and I want to keep my 5BST to use as the power amp. Would these match well with each other. Thanks.
I'm using an LS-16 with a Bryston 4BST and I'm very happy with the sound.
I am using a ARC SP16 with a Bryston 14 BST and boy do I love the sound...
I have been using a Sonic Frontiers (sadly departed) classic SFL-1 tube pre-amp with a Bryston 4BST. Absoultely no complaints. I just found the tube gear a touch noisy.

Thanks for your comments guys. I got my ARC LS-16 a couple of months ago and they do match very well. Haven't heard music this good (in my own room, that is) ever.