Would a speaker upgrade work?

We have a Samsung receiver/dvd player in the livingroom. The speakers it came with are junk of course. I was thinking of getting a cheap set of speakers to try an upgrade the sound. I've seen some Polk and Energy sets that would be in my price range. The only problem is the speakers that came with it are 3 ohms. Most of the ones i've seen that I would buy are 8 ohms. I'm thinking that 8 ohm speakers would be an easier load on the receiver. I don't think it would cause any harm. What do you guys think?
Grab a pair of used Paragon Titans or Atoms.Great sound for not a lot of money.There's usually some in the classifieds.
Getting off low imp sqaueakers and moving into some with larger numbers won't hurt a thing... in fact it will help your situation.

Which ones to go get? That's your call. Hopefully, where you got the rec has some speakers you can get them to hook to it and see for yourself, OR better still if they have a loaner policy, take a pair home you seem to like and try 'em.

Not knowing the budget, receiver's numbers, and room size, it's way tuff to say go get this or that and you'll be happy, uh, happier is easy.... plain old happy's a mite different.
I was looking at it today and the sub is a passive unit. It is also 3 ohms. Would i have to change the sub also, so all the speakers have the same ohms? Or i guess i could get a powered sub and run it off the speaker leads.
It's not so much a question of will it sound better. I'm sure any half way decent speakers would sound better than the junk that came with it. It's more a question of does the ohms of all the speakers have to be the same. I don't want to go overboard as it's just for the livingroom. My 2ch in the man cave is another story.
I think a 8ohm speaker setup is enough for your living room. The placement is important, never forget that.