Would a source selector switch degrade sound?


I bought a Rotel RA-1062 integrated amp 7 or 8 years ago that I liked a lot, but I have not set up or used it yet - long story.

I'm finally ready to put my system together in my living room.

I only have one room for a music / HT system so I will only have one stereo / home theater.

Two channel music is most important to me - I'm willing to sacrifice a little on the movie side.

So, to my dilemma...

My Rotel integrated amp doesn't have HT bypass.

Which leaves getting a source selector switch of some sort.

Something like the Niles Audio DSP-1.

But I DO NOT want to set up anything that will adversely affect the sound.

Would the DSP-1 source selector switch degrade the sound?

If so I'm left with either getting an integrated amplifier with HT bypass (and a less expensive AV receiver) or getting a very expensive higher end AV receiver.

Which way would YOU go?

I have B&W DM602 S3 speakers by the way...three pairs of them.

Appreciate all advice.
Hi Timothyd11

I have experiences with the Niles AXP-1 as well as the Niles DSP-1 and IME I have never experienced any sound degradation or coloration at all.

I used the Niles AXP-1 when I had a preamp with limited inputs but I had multiple sources.

I use the Niles DSP-1 to use 2 different kinds of amps with the same pair of speakers. My only issue with the Niles DSP-1 was the speaker wire connectors in the back. It states you can use 14 AWG but it the spacing did seem kind of tight.

I'm not sure but with your situation I would get the Niles AXP-1. Both are built quite well and are solid quality.
Why not just plug the AVR's left and right channel line level outputs into an unused pair of line level (non-phono) inputs on the RA-1062? Then determine a setting of the RA-1062's volume control that allows you to use the AVR's volume control at reasonable settings for movies, and return the RA-1062's volume control to that setting each time you watch a movie.

-- Al
You can use the Rotel RA-1062, however it will not be as simple as using an integrated amp with HT bypass. Connect the front L/R preout from the AV receiver to any input on the Rotel, except phono. Set the Rotel’s volume control to minimum. With all the AVR’s individual channel level trim controls at the default 0, start the test tone on the AVR. Then increase the Rotel’s volume control so the L/R speakers match the volume of the center speaker. Remember the position of the VC on the Rotel for future use with the AVR. You can always run the test tone to make a minor adjustment.
Looks like I just duplicated Al's post, guess we were just thinking the same thing at the same time.
Great minds think alike :-)

-- Al

Thanks Al, have a great day!!
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Not all AVR has Pre-out, I believe the DSP-1 is a simple solution, go for it!
Never heard one that didn't and I've heard ones in the 2K range.