Would a MC275 VI work well with Thiel CS2.7?

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.
IMO, there are better amplifier options available.
I have a 275 driving B&W 804S. It would play, but I think it would not have enough power to drive those speakers to their best. Jim Thiel came from the idea that power was cheap and hence designed great speakers needing a lot of power.

Having said that, time ago I used to participate in the McIntosh forum at audiokharma and someone sweared by his 275 driving his Thiel 2.4.

Of course, the best would be to try it. The 275 are great ( for the money) as monoblocks. You could start with one and later add a second...

Have you looked at the virtual systems area here? Search systems with CS2.7 and see what kind of amps people use to drive them. That will give you some reference points.

Let us know what you decide/ do, and good luck!
I've tried one MC275-V to drive my 802 diamond and added a second MC275-V with no comparisons and the different is "HUGE". The more power that you provided to control your speaker the better it sound, therefore more time to enjoy the music. Instead of wasting your life to tweak the system that require to sound better.
I have a MC275 VI and it drives my Khorns beautifully but doesn't match so well with my inefficient B&W 801s. I agree with the above posters. You need more power.