Would a Dynavector XX2 MkII be good upgrade?

Currently using VPI Scoutmaster w/Sig JMW arm, Dynavector 20XL.
(phono stage is a Rhea Signature)

Is the XX2 a significant upgrade?
Is it too good for my tonearm?
Where is a good place to buy one?

I agree about the cantilever protector Dynavector supplies with the XX2. I have found, though, the simple use of masking tape, judiciously applied, keeps the flimsy protector in place. No problems or worries that way.

By the way, Ian, I'm now using the XX2 on a Dynavector DV 501 arm, mounted on a DIY Garrard 401 restoration, and loving it even more.

Damn fragile carts? or maybe not! I had a XX2 mkII 3 years ago, broke it before 100hrs. I then broke 2x XV-1s in a year(both still not run in), 2 other close friends of mine broke theirs last year! i have since moved to Colibris(2x) which look more fragile but no accidents! I think the reason is that they dont have protectors. Nerves of a bombsquad technician are required with protectors in general.
Funny responses up there... and I do not mean to laugh at your misfortunes. But, I know lots of folks with DV, for years, and no one has your problems.
It would be great for the rest of us to have had a time life camera over your table and watch your usage. Might be informative.