Would 1 of those cat trees make a good bass trap?

Just thought this one up as I was in a pet store and saw these cat play structures. We have 3 cats so I was thinking I'll buy a bunch of these structures and fill up most of my empty wall space with them....it's got to be better than bare flat walls and of course I explain that I love my cats and I'm not comprimising on this.

any opinions.
A "good" bass trap turns sound waves into mechanical waves (vibrations).
Hmmm... using cats as bass traps. Here kitty kitty...
I heard of a guy up in Minnesota who used about 30' of leader. Tied one end to the cat tree, on the other end, he put a red, rubber wiggly worm. He hung it out over one end of the boat, and I'll be damned if he didn't catch a mess of bass.
Doubtful that you will realize a comparable effect to tube traps, which are not solid internally but have mesh screening surrounding tuned absorbtion materials inside. Mention has been made here of some DIY tube traps though, which may be able to double as cat-scratcher poles if carpeted appropriately?
My cats just use my speaker grilles :(
Being a cat owner and a fisherman, I think most any fishing lure will catch a cat. However, wife and PETA would not approve.
How about just using the cats?