worthy competitors of the amr 77

about 9 days ago, a thread appeared eliciting comments concerning differences between the amr 77, the audio research cd7 and the wadia 831 players.

i seek an in-production tubed cd player in the price range $5000 plus.

i have no interest in the audio aero, audio research.
,stibbert, metronome, ayon cd 3 or ear players.

are there any other worthy competitors of the amr 77 ?
I just picked up a "refurbed" QSonix 100 server with current software, 750Gig capacity and new touch screen at <$4K. Add the tubed DAC of choice and this unit meets your criteria. I use a ss Benchmark DAC and have found that the sound is a bit leaner, tighter, and a touch less dynamic than the Cary 303/300 it replaced. OTOH, the sound is also "gentler" from the presence range through the highs and front to back imaging is decidely more dramatic.

As you change the DAC, I'd guess you'd change the sound I describe above - so YMMV with a tube DAC. One thing won't change - the QSonix GUI is absolutely addictive. If you're in the camp that favors hard drives over optical, this unit deserves a look.

BTW - I believe that refurbed units are still available on A'gon.

Good Luck,

i seek an in-production tubed cd player in the price range $5000 plus.

Mrtennis (Threads | Answers)
For what purpose? Ownership? Review? Curiosity? Discussion topic only?

Why $5000?
Anyone who wants to respond to this thread only needs to read MrTennis's other posts. There is no answer to his question. He wants his player to sound like it has a sheet over the speakers. Which sounds like the only possible solution for him.
what makes the AMR worthy?
It sounds as if you've already dismissed some worthy players IMO.
Therefore here's some of my unworthy suggestions
Oracle,Opera(Consonance),Roksan,Esoteric and Bel Canto.
Don't think I could suggest anything really worthy based on your requirements/taste posted here
i'm not sure at this place in time, the better tube and ss players are necc all that different in regard to redbook cd performance. what are you using now? for 5k it may be impossible to buy a mediocre front end. even the oldie but goodie cj players and sonic frontiers combos still are competitive and feature tubes, if thats a must.
i have a vincent cd s6. there is one player i consider a worthy competitor to the amr, namely , the marantz 7s1.