Worthwhile to refurbish an older amp?

Hey people,
I have an older Proceed Amp5, five channel amplifier. All five channels still work, although I haven’t had it bench tested to see how well. It’s not in use, and hasn’t been for several years. I know that typically the center channel burns out in these, but that hasn’t been a problem.
I tried it recently, without the required warm-up, and I found nothing objectionable about it.

Given all that, because of its age, I am certain it needs refurbishing of some sort, probably recapping, although any of that is well beyond my scope of knowledge.

Armed with that, what’s everyone’s opinion? Would you bother getting it worked on, or would you just sell it, inexpensively, and buy something newer? Is this particular amp worth it?
To my ears, it sounds good, if a little bit lightweight in the bass region.
Thanks in advance.

A few months ago I had my Krell KAV-250a/2 serviced/ECN/recapped at the Krell factory :) It was quick, cheaper than I thought and the amp sounds better than perfect. BTW...I needed the 400W PC for my 1.7i Maggies. Very good experience :):):)