worthwhile cartridge upgrade Nottingham Spacedeck

I had a cartridge accident with my Nottingham Spacedeck / Spacearm a while back and it looks like an ideal time to upgrade. I am running this into an ARC PH2 so I believe I need a high output mc. The last cartridge was a Sumiko Blue Plate Special (nice but nothing earth shattering).

Been doing a little research on the gon but must admit it's a bit over my head. I'm fairly new to analog so please help steer me in the right direction.

I read alot of nice things on the ZYX and Lyra cartridges but not sure if my arm/table would even be up to the task for a $1,500-$2000 investment. The more I read here the more my table seems entry level. I also have a curious 13 year old son around the house so that turntable investment on the wall is always vulnerable.

I listen to a lot of 60's jazz and rock. Neutrality, imaging and good handling of acoustic harmonics would be nice.


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I have the Dynavector 20x5 on my Nottingham, I am very happy with it. $500 or so.
I also would suggest a plexiglass cover they look good and I only paid $250 or so on the 'Gon for it, keeps little hands and dusting brushes away.
Good Luck.
I own a Spacedeck and went from a Zyx Fuji to Airy3 with nothing but joy and more joy. From general consenus here, the Spacedeck is not on the same level and holds these cartridges back. But they definitely still shine through on this TT in the areas you mention (particulary acoustic harmonics!).

I don't have direct experience, but you may get most of what I'm hearing from something more modest($), such as Zyx Bloom or Shelter 501?
your table..a great one...can handle as much as you choose to spend. there are however many mm and mc cartridges that best the blue point special in the same price range...the dynavector, denon,garrott bros, orofon, etc....audio technica even has an mc beauty for less than 400 that competes with lots of pricier fare. the sumiko isn't as competitive as it used to be.
Dear Tom: Well I have to disagree with Jaybo about the Sumiko's competitive subject, they have at least two great cartridges that at its level price has no competition: Blackbird ( high output ) and Celebration ( low output ). Both can meet your music sound priorities, with a more refined/sofisticated sound reproduction on the Celebration, this one can compete easily with cartridges in the 2.5K-3.5K price range.

Regards and enjoy the music.